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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #71

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When two children attempt to rob a grocery store using illegal weapons, Spider-Man intervenes to stop them. However, the store owner is also armed and ends up fatally shooting one of the thieves. Later, while delivering his photos to the Bugle, Peter Parker overhears J. Jonah Jameson discussing a tip about a shipment of illegal firearms.

Peter transforms into Spider-Man and takes action to prevent the weapons shipment. Unfortunately, despite Spider-Man’s efforts, a police officer is killed in the line of duty during the operation. When Peter goes to the Bugle to submit his pictures, he is disgusted by Lance Bannon’s suggestion that Peter deserves a Pulitzer Prize for his actions. He reflects on the fact that the widow of the fallen officer will only receive a posthumous medal, highlighting the bitter nature of their victory against gun crime.

Jameson enters the scene and informs them that despite the significant bust, there were still 12 reported shootings in the city that same night. The news serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing gun violence problem plaguing the city, overshadowing the immediate success of stopping the weapons shipment.

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    The story, art and action is all pretty standard Spidey fare. The gun violence epidemic is something that is still resonant socially from then to today, making this tale a bit more memorable for it. Like most good dialectic argument stories, this one stops just short of prescribing a solution to it all–the reader mostly gets to decide for themselves.

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