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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #67

Boomerang resurfaces in New York City and commits a crime by eliminating a government witness. Meanwhile, Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, wakes up to a series of challenges: he’s late for his teaching assistant duty, his friend Marcy is angry at him, the Daily Bugle wants him to take photos of the crime scene, and Aunt May wants to talk to him. On top of it all, his Spider-Man suit is damaged and needs repair.

Boomerang offers his services to the Kingpin, who hires him after witnessing his skills. The Kingpin orders Boomerang to eliminate Spider-Man. As the pressures at ESU (Empire State University) build up, with a professor criticizing Peter’s tardiness and his colleague Debra overwhelming him, Peter decides to clear his mind by taking on the role of Spider-Man.

While swinging through the city, Spider-Man becomes a target for Boomerang. They engage in a fierce battle, during which Spider-Man manages to disarm Boomerang. As Boomerang attempts to escape, he is intercepted by the Kingpin’s men. Spider-Man effortlessly defeats them all, leaving them for the police.

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