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Peacemaker Tries Hard! #6 (of 6)

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Peacemaker took on Deathstroke (kinda), Chemo, even the War Wheel, and can now confidently call himself a hero. But with all the death and destruction in his wake, was it all worth it? More importantly, is anyone going to come to his birthday party?

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    In a marketplace unlikely to support another Hitman—one of the greatest singular runs ever published by DC Comics—we have Peacemaker Tries Hard! to capture the wild humor, excessive violence, and unexpectedly affecting sincerity surrounding the biggest losers in a world chockful of living gods. The miniseries’ finale wraps up the colorful adventure involving both kidnapped dogs and world conquest in a fashion that pulls every thread together without overcrowding expansive splash pages that deliver both climactic action and emotion in spectacular fashion. Even when the issue deals in familiar superhero tropes, like the noble sacrifice, it embraces them in a way that allows the story to say something surprising. Within the sad and tawdry stories surrounding these C-list characters exists a relatable form of humanity and watching losers pull out a win without denying how often life sucks is made a wonderful, if bittersweet experience to read. And it is dressed in titanic combat sequences, dynamic collections of idiosyncratic characters, and one of the best senses of humor in all of comics. If this is the best Peacemaker can do at DC Comics, then readers will want a lot more of Peacemaker Tries Hard!.

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    Comic Watch

    I completely loved this series and highly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    It’s the conclusion of the strangest Black Label book in a long time, with Peacemaker and the elderly Red Bee facing off against Monsieur Mallah and a newly empowered Brain—who is in the body of Chemo and intends to spread toxins all over Peacemaker’s hometown for revenge. The heroes—and Peacemaker’s dog—clamber into the War Wheel for a final showdown that turns out to be much more intimate and emotional than I was expecting. Anyone who watched the TV series will definitely get the emotional punch of certain scenes before the finale, but the end of this issue is surprisingly laid back with Peacemaker finally getting the acknowledgment he deserves in some ways. There are so many characters in this comic that not all of them get neat tie-ups, but there’s at least one that I really hope we see again—the ridiculous Dancestroke, Deathstroke’s teenage clone. Just a pure blast.

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