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Peacemaker Tries Hard! #5 (of 6)

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What does the Brain’s master plan have to do with… the Red Bee?!

As it turns out, Richard’s tragic past provides him with the strength his old bones need to defend Peacemaker and help him rescue Bruce Wayne (the dog, not the billionaire, remember)!

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    Peacemaker and Red Bee’s raid on The Brain’s hideout is a non-stop deluge of escalating action and humor resulting in one of the single most enjoyable issues of superhero comics released this year. The narrative is woven together by an ongoing dialogue between the two heroes that regularly plays against the actions on the page to enhance their characterizations and ideas. Small jokes, like Red Bee unscrewing a drain Peacemaker attempts to force open, and big ones, like being confronted by an army of Deathstroke babies, hit hard and deliver belly laughs throughout the issue. Shaded action beats with over-the-top onomatopoeia (avoiding the grawlix annoyances of other Black Label releases) maintain a frantic pace delivering three big action sequences. Throughout all of that violence, there’s a sincere, almost innocent, heart to the comic that resonates with two weirdos caring deeply for their animal companions and striving to be ever-so-slightly better. Peacemaker Tries Hard! summons both R-rated action and laughs along with a surprisingly sweet story that could only exist in superhero comics; the only bad news is that only one issue remains.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    It’s so odd that this issue can begin with a hilarious dialogue about how Peacemaker doesn’t understand biology, and then dovetail to some of the most emotional scenes in any comic this week.

  • 90

    Comic Watch

    There are a lot of comic books on the shelves, but Peacemaker Tries Hard! is for sure one of the few series where I have to pick up and read it on day one. It’s fun, awesome, and seriously funny. Issue 5 does a fantastic job at keeping up the standard and for those of you following this series, you won’t regret picking this up!

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