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Peacemaker Tries Hard! #2 (of 6)

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The Brain has given Peacemaker no choice but to complete a dangerous mission on his behalf, but he won’t have to kick bad-guy butt on his own. With Monsieur Mallah at his side, Peacemaker breaks into the secret base of General Immortus to steal some super-villain DNA. What starts as the team-up you never knew you wanted takes a surprising turn that could leave Peacemaker facedown in a pool of his own blood!

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    Gushing with more vulgarity and potty humor than you can reasonably rinse off with a hose, Peacemaker Tries Hard! #2 will leave you laughing once you close its back cover. If you’re looking for deep storytelling with meaningful metacommentary, you’re barking up the wrong tree. However, if you’re looking for unadulterated vulgarity and humor, this issue is comic book bliss. Starks’ ability to capture the tone and humor of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad and subsequent Peacemaker series is a perfect match for DC’s Black Label. Steve Pugh’s artwork, Jordie Bellaire’s colors, and Becca Carey’s letters do a perfect job of capturing the humorous tone and each action sequence.

  • 90

    Peacemaker Tries Hard! #2 continues everything readers enjoyed from the series’ humorous and violence-filled debut featuring a John Cena-like Peacemaker and develops a hook that makes the Black Label miniseries irresistable by its end. Even though the premise was plainly introduced in issue #1—Peacemaker is blackmailed into saving his new dog—it’s the layers added as Monsieur Mallah and Peacemaker go about their mission that reveal just how much fun this miniseries can be. Along the way there are plenty of gags, including a collection of helmets and superhero ephemera littering Immortus’ cave, that will delight DC fans and those with an appreciation for well-delivered crude humor alike. The action is excellent, as well, including the deployment of a new Peacemaker helmet and ample opportunities for Mallah to swing his weight around. There’s even a buddy cop element between the unusual allies as they’re compelled to collaborate across the issue. It makes for an incredibly fun romp across the lower decks of DC Comics before ending on a note that is sure to bring readers who are already interested back for every remaining issue. Peacemaker Tries Hard! captures the incredible action and comedic tone fans of Peacemaker loved and distills them into the comics form as only Starks and Pugh can.

  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    All in all, though, Peacemaker Tries Hard #2 is a success, even more than a year after the series that inspired it, with really well-done storytelling in the art and a lot of charm in even the most minor bit of dialogue, all wrapped up in gorillas fighting and punk rock. It’s looking bad for l’il Bruce Wayne the French bulldog, but there may still be hope coming in the final issues of the series.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    Kyle Starks’ bizarre take on the Suicide Squad’s most ridiculous antihero continues to deliver the kind of absurdity I’m hoping for, as the over-the-top vigilante teams up with Monsieur Mallah to get Deathstroke’s DNA and get his dog back from The Brain. As they head to the lair of an infamous mad scientist, the two villains start to bond over music tastes, have a series of increasingly ridiculous conversations (such as the nature of honey), and fight a collection of unionized supervillain construction workers who take their lunch breaks very seriously. The issue has some of the funniest bits in a book I’ve seen in a long time, such as the bizarre collection of helmets that Peacemaker keeps in storage. However, while the issue was a lot of fun, the predictable downer ending knocks it down a little and sort of means the events of this issue were just spinning its wheels.

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