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Panya: The Mummy's Curse #4 (of 4)

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Shrouded by shadow and touched by fire, Panya must come face-to-face with the dark in order to reveal the light.

In this compelling conclusion to Panya: The Mummy’s Curse, will Panya finally be able to make sense of all that has gone before and all that has yet to come?

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    Continuing the trend of the series, this final issue delivers plenty of overwhelming yet also ambiguous exposition about Panya and the visions she has in the desert, potentially pointing her towards a greater mission. Despite the dizzying storyline, Christopher Mitten’s artwork more than makes up for any sense of confusing, while also channeling a chaotic energy to reflect the influx of information Panya is being given from higher powers. The artwork initially compensates for the overly complex narrative, though by the time the book – and this storyline – reaches its conclusion, we learn that there was a reason for the confounding background for the Hellboy character, which works not only for the horror genre as a whole, but also for how the character factors into the overall Hellboy and BPRD mythology. While the series was frustrating, at times, fanatics of the franchise will fully be rewarded for taking a trip back in time to learn more about Panya.

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    Panya is definitely the kind of property that even within the larger Mignola-verse of titles is one that’s pretty niche. I like a lot of what it does and it was an interesting exploration of a time and place in a way we don’t usually get. It was just so laid back and mellow even while playing with large concepts for Panya that it drew me in. I absolutely loved the artwork and the bold colors early on and the smaller explorations we get as it progressed. It’ll be a title that will stick with me for some time and one that I’ll go back to in order to connect and understand more of it with a full series re-read in trade down the line.

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