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Paklis #7

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In the dramatic conclusion to the tech-noir mystery “1949,” Detective Blank follows the clues in her dreams to the door of a killer. But facing this maniac who has one foot in the future could mean the end for her. Plus, we return to the universe of “Amnia Cycle,” where Amnia and Byzner are stranded on a deserted planet. When Byzner makes his escape, he finds no one believes he is who he says he is.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Weaver’s world moves around on the page with the depth that comes from a whole lot of a story that hasn’t made it to the panels. There is a ridge depth to everything that makes it all feel firmly anchored into space. That seems more or less infinite. This is quite an accomplishment, given the fact that the series is only running for 10 issues so far. He’s been working on it for a lot longer than that, though. The next issue we explore is a little bit of the prehistory of it all with an issue #0, which explores some of his earlier non-published work with the characters.

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