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Outsiders: Five of a Kind - Metamorpho/Aquaman #1

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International war is brewing over an ocean under the Sahara, and when Metamorpho and Aquaman intervene, they find it’s also the home turf of another elemental who’s got the Orb of Ra.

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25 pages
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    Writer G. Willow Wilson (what a great name!) pulls it off nicely, even if the story could have used a little more action and a little less environmentalist dialogue between Metamorpho and the main villain. As far as political messages or morals go, this issue’s are pretty sophomoric (big corporations are bad and they’re polluting our environment), but still, it’s a fairly solid read with art from the fabulous Joshua Middleton. It would also have been nice to see more of this fantastic locale; Wilson only gives Middleton a short two-page underwater sequence to play with. Kind of a waste, if you ask me. This isn’t the best of these “Five of a Kind” stories (the Nightwing/Boomerang issue still takes the cake), but it’s well worth picking up for any fan of the characters or the Outsiders in general. Others might want to steer clear.

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