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Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #9

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What Maceo felt for Mezzy turns to terror as he doubts if he ever knew her in the first place, and even begins to fear the woman he once loved.
The chasm between them grows–quite literally–as Golgonooza’s foundation crumbles and bubbles with a strange poison gas… and makes their communication even more alien as they’re presented with a tragic choice that should hurt more than it does…

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32 pages
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    If the pandemic left you feeling like you have lost a connection – whether with loved ones or even the greater world – you’ll related to this issue all too well. As their world is falling apart around them, the main characters subconsciously turn on each other. It’s a great example of a creative team working together with words and illustrations to drive their point home.

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    First Comics News

    Wow as Mezzy and Maceo see each other after I long time of not seeing each other’s faces something is just not right. Where will they go from here? Seeing these two love birds losing that love rather than gaining it back only to have it falter again is sad.

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    Once Upon a Time at the End of the World has always possessed a fable-like quality; it’s in the title. Nearing the end of “The Rise and Fall of Golgonooza,” it becomes more evident as both Maceo and Mezzy pursue their goals and ignore every reason to consider an alternative. The issue functions better as a metaphor for a struggling relationship than the post-apocalyptic odyssey it presents. The mounting deaths possess plenty of creativity, especially one involving roses and thorns, and Leila Del Duca’s visual metaphors for the distance and lack of connection between the pair work well on the page. Yet the plot itself is stretched so thin with issue #9 seeming only to repeat what was already known as events grow worse that it all becomes wearisome. That’s made especially true when the final pages arrive and it’s unclear exactly what readers should understand from a revelation that’s likely pure hallucination.

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