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Old Dog #6

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The exciting new action series by DECLAN SHALVEY concludes its first chapter!

After suffering a massive loss, we learn a stunning revelation. Jack is questioning his place in Black Circle. Looking to lick his wounds, he seeks refuge at the Lynch ancestral home in Ireland. But his isolation is soon interrupted when Retriever tracks him down. And she wasn’t the only one…

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26 pages
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    You Don't Read Comics

    Shalvey takes a hell of a chance with the action on the surface. There really isn’t much that’s truly engaging about the action aside from its brutality. This IS the end of a major plot arc and the beginning of another, but it’s got so much depth and weight to it that doesn’t appear until issue’s end. He’s really running a risk of boring the hell out of the type of person who might otherwise love the weird mind-bender of an ending that hammers into the last few pages.

  • 90

    The biggest piece of Old Dog’s mystery finally clicks into place with this issue, offering a clarity that is equally thrilling and clever. As Jack faces off against some unwelcome house guests, we and Retriever finally learn the truth about his predicament, interspersed with some gripping action and effective dialogue. Declan Shalvey’s work on this continues to be excellent, and I can’t wait for Old Dog to barrel full-speed into what’s next.

  • 80


    The fact that the ending was only a gut punch and not having all my bones ripped out ultimately isn’t a big deal; my love for this book clearly expects some twists and turns as part of the larger experience. So cunt me in for arc #2, and may this book continue to learn new tricks in deeply affecting all careful readers.

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