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Nubia & The Justice League Special #1

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In honor of her 50th anniversary, Nubia is joining the Justice League! After years separated from Man’s World, the Amazons’ most powerful warrior and now queen has been called in to save the day and work alongside the world’s greatest heroes. What danger awaits our hero and her new teammates?

Find out in this special that shows a bright new future for the character!

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Nubia’s U.S. tour is great fun. It all looks very classic, from Gotham City at night to Metropolis during the day to a quick stop along the southern shore of Lake Michigan. It’s an impressively concise tour of some of the bigger cities in the DC Universe’s U.S. Above all, Nubia’s personality feels distinctly distinguished from the other three major Amazons that have made notable impacts on the comics page over the decades. She’s a queen, but she’s not Hippolyte. She’s a warrior, but she’s not Artemis. She’s a hero, but she’s not Diana. She’s a unique personality…a wise guardian learning her way around a strange land. Conrad, Cloonan, Williams, and company make a strong case for Nubia’s stronger presence in the mainstream DC Universe.

  • 90

    This special is just as exceptional as its titular protagonist, crafting two stories that embody so much of what makes DC’s comics so wonderful. Opening up the issue is a tale involving Nubia potentially joining the world’s greatest heroes – an inspired bout of storytelling that combines the plotting of a Gardner Fox-esque Silver Age adventure for the team, and some truly delightful character dynamics between Nubia and the other Leaguers. The issue concludes with yet another wonderful installment of Stephanie Williams and company’s recent storytelling for Nubia, which works as both a standalone adventure and a coda to those past two runs.

  • 90

    Graham Crackers Comics

    Ever since her first appearence in 1973’s Wonder Woman #204, the Don Heck/Robert Kanigher character has been one of the wonderful (no pun intended!) characters that DC refuses to abandon but never seems to know what to do with (much like a lot of the characters from the Wonder Woman title). Initially, her origin was a retrofit for continuity purposes, Nubia was shoe-horned into Wonder Woman’s inititial orgin when it is revealed that Hippolyta had actually created two clay babies that were brought to life. One made from white clay, the other from black clay (ahhh, those were simplier times!) Nubia was DC Comics first black woman superhero (Not Bumblebee who showed up 4 years later!) and even showed up in DC Comics’ Super Friends title based on the cartoon. And almost becoming a character on the Linda Carter live action television show to be played by actress Teresa Graves. She has been reinvisioned as a parallel universe version of Wonder Woman and a future incarnation of Wonder Woman. More recently, she has been much more active in the Wonder Woman titles becoming the new Queen of the Amazons.

    Michael W. Conrad and Becky Cloonan’s script is a great throwback to Justice League stories from the 70’s and 80’s where heroes broke up into teams to defeat multiple threats. It also shows that these writers know their heroes characters and the way they interact. And while Black Canary and Hawkgirl come off a little too fan-girlish, it was lovely to see all the detail given to the various Justice League members. And with Amancay Nahuelpan’s art which goes from overtly detailed city scenes to siloetted giant text panels, this is definately worth reading. My only complaint is that this current version of the Justic League keeps breaking the 1970’s Legion code about multiple members having the same super-powers. While I would have no objection to having Nubia in the League, do we really need two Wonder Women? Plus, isn’t Nubia supposed to be ruling the Island? Who’s in charge while she’s gone? Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  • 85

    Comic Watch

    Have you ever wanted to see breakoutWonder Woman character Nubia interact with Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Martian Manhunter? Well, look no further as this issue has it all. I’m crossing my fingers that we truly do get more of Nubia in the pages ofJustice League, if not in her own solo titles.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    Wrapping up the recent collection of Nubia one-shots and minis, this two-story oversized anthology is basically an annual but doesn’t have a regular title to come out of.

  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 65


    Neither as “Special” as the title might imply nor as tedious as it could have been, ‘Nubia and the Justice League Special’ #1 is a perfectly average comic book, for better or worse.

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