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No/One #5 (of 10)

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Based on 7 critic ratings.

As Julia struggles with the reaction to her podcast and Ben’s investigation hits yet another wall, a shocking development in the case of Richard Roe threatens to upend everything—and may bring NO/ONE even closer to the light.

PLUS! The story continues in “Who is No/One,” a monthly companion podcast starring RACHAEL LEIGH COOK (She’s All That) and PATTON OSWALT (Netflix’s The Sandman, Minor Threats, Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.)!

NO/ONE is a Massive-Verse series.

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32 pages
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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90


    No/One #5 is one of the best entries in this limited series, save for a single panel that is so jarring that it disrupts the entire reading experience. One-third of a single page shouldn’t carry that much weight, but when the rest of the book is so good, all it takes is a single flaw to disrupt everything.

  • 90

    The conspiracy at the heart of No/One gets even twistier – and in the process, more intriguing. Both the public perception of the vigilante case, and the actual deus ex machina of the vigilantes’ identity, develop in some fascinating ways across the issue. With a clever-as-ever script from Kyle Higgins and Brian Buccellato, and kinetic art from Geraldo Borges, No/One continues to not disappoint

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    The saga of the “Accountability Killer” takes a surprising twist in the pages of Image Comics and Black Market Narrative’s hit series. Higgins, Buccellato, Borges and the team showcase the cause and effect of a defining moment in the series with strong writing and incredible art. The story is more than a comic so make sure you pick up the latest issue and new podcast episode on New Comic Book Day!

  • 90

    Lyles Movie Files

    This continues to be a gritty, in a good way, with excellent characters and a mystery that still remains captivating.

  • 90

    Comic Watch

    When the creative team does make the switch to the action, it operates on a similar level, using its various elements of craft to reinforce core ideas and necessary parts of the suspect list. NO/ONE #5 continues to be a wide-reaching, but hyper-focused exploration of vigilantism and journalism in a community. It shows that the creative team has the means, motive, and opportunity to tell a rich, compelling story that leads the audience to want more.

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: The story takes off with a huge twist that I didn’t see coming and the suspense involving Aaron and No/One trying to keep him locked up is compelling. I love the contrast between No/One and Aaron’s father trying to keep him locked up and Julia fighting to keep her journalistic integrity. The story has great action within it and builds on its suspense brilliantly to keep me wanting more. I also recommend the companion podcast series as well. It adds more layers and depth to the story and its characters.

    The Art: Borges delivers fantastic art that brilliantly contrast awesome character moments and blistering action beats.

  • 85

    Comic Book Revolution

    With each passing issue Kyle Higgins, Brian Buccellato, and Geraldo Borges’ No/One gets better and better. No/One #5 is yet another example of that as the title character steals the show while Julia Paige and Ben Kern continue their own parallel arcs. Everything comes together for yet another can’t miss comic book.

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