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Nightwing 2024 Annual

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The secret origins of Bea Bennett!

During Nightwing’s recent pirate adventure, we learned that Bea Bennett, Dick/Ric’s ex-girlfriend, is a pirate queen whose father, the Quartermaster, left her an entire pirate society!

But what about her life before she became a pirate? Before she met Ric Grayson? Just what, and more importantly, who led her to where she is today.

A backstory like no other with tales of betrayal, love, and independence.

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43 pages
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12 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 88

    Nerd Initiative

    Nightwing 2024 Annual offers captivating insights into Bea Bennett’s backstory, making it essential reading for Nightwing enthusiasts. With its compelling characters, intricate plotlines, and stunning artwork, this annual crafted by Travis Moore and the creative team promises a thrilling and emotionally resonant tale that sets the stage for future adventures!

  • 85


    Friend, Former Lover, Pirate Queen, Spy. The life of Bea Bennett has been a wild one, and how she truly came to cross paths with Dick Grayson stands revealed in Nightwing 2024 Annual. A dense DC Universe spanning narrative experience comes to pretty solid vivid colorful life within this double sized issue.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    Travis Moore’s writing is fine, perfectly acceptable, but his art as always is the star. At the very least, we can say that no one is going to think of Bea as irrelevant anymore.

  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    Nightwing 2024 Annual is a beautiful story that gives depth to a new character. Applause to Travis Moore. Not many can hold up to Tom Taylor on Nightwing but this was a great start.

  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    Nightwing 2024 Annual achieves its goal of making Bea Bennet a fully realized character. The way Travis Moore told Bea’s origin story gave her character a lot of layers. With where this story concludes this annual leaves Bea’s character in a spot where she can appear in other DC Comics titles. Breaking the chain of being a Nightwing supporting character makes this annual a big success.

  • 70

    Comic Watch

    Nightwing 2024 Annual is a mostly positive issue that centers on a doomed romance that tries to grapple with recent DC history to mixed effect. At its best, the annual is a brisk, story of people coming together and apart like ships passing in the night. At the worst end, the scripting tries too hard to sew elements of continuity into a tapestry while maintaining a complex spy narrative. Moore’s artwork elevates the mixed story by putting a heavy emphasis on Bea and Ric/Dick as people, ensuring their fleeting connection hits hard. The coloring from Plascencia and Guimarães is similarly consistent, offering a familiar series of palettes without reaching the heights of the main issues. In essence, Nightwing 2024 Annual is a fun, uneven addition to the current Nightwing story that connects dots for better or worse.

  • 60


    Nightwing 2024 Annual offers an interesting exploration of Bea Bennett and her greater role in the DC Universe. Through this story, Travis Moore does a great job detailing how she fits perfectly into the mythos of Blüdhaven. This makes for an overall enjoyable issue that seems to close this chapter on her life while possibly leaving room for future stories for her.

  • 60

    Get Your Comic On

    Whether a one-off or an aperitif for future storytelling, Travis Moore’s Nightwing 2024 Annual does a strong job of exploring one of the series recurring characters. Though I’m unsure about some of the logistical choices in centring Bea so close to Dick throughout history, there’s no denying this book harkens back to the days of the Grayson title and it’s joyous espionage.

  • 50

    Threading a narrative needle across multiple established comic runs is a Herculean effort, and as Nightwing‘s long-overdue origin of Bea Bennett proves, it’s not always a flawless one. In theory, the many story beats in this issue should be fodder for a fascinating exploration of her character, but the end product is mired with large chunks of exposition that are either superficial or head-scratching. Best efforts are on display from writer-artist Travis Moore, but the deluge of plot twists might baffle even the most die-hard Nightwing readers.

  • 50

    DC Comics News

    While Nightwing 2024 Annual has some interesting ideas, the pacing of the story and amount of twists make it difficult to create the right connection with Bea. The idea of giving her her own story is solid, but it would’ve been stronger if the tale had been centered around her and the Quartermaster instead of turning her into a near super-spy.  The story is unbalanced with too much plot and not enough of Bea herself. The art is strong and Moore’s effort on the project is clear.

  • 45


    Overall, this annual could either improve or ruin the reader’s feelings about Nightwing lore. While the story promises to shed light on a mysterious supporting character, personally, it complicates things for no reason. Turning a bartender into a swashbuckling avenger is one thing, but implying she is in the shadows manipulating things is a bridge too far. Some readers won’t mind, but I believe these new retcons do both Bea and Dick a disservice. Yet, I don’t believe this is a particularly bad comic, just disappointing and annoying. I appreciate exploring these old stories again, but not the expense of these characters.

  • 40

    The Comic Book Spot

    If not for the art, this review might be far, far worse. This isn’t entirely on Moore, but the treatment of Bea since her break-up with Dick after he regained his memories has just been terrible. She would have been better off just walking into the sunset, never to be seen again. That being said, if Travis Moore is being tapped as the next writer for Nightwing, I might be on board for his art alone. But please, don’t let this Bea story be the focal point.

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