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Nightwing #96

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They say love is when two hearts find their happy place right next to each other, but to Heartless, that’s just the wall of jars of hearts he has in his back office.

As Dick and Babs’s two hearts do find their happy place next to each other, one question they ask each other proves difficult to answer.

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    One of the major plots of ‘Nightwing’ comes to an action-packed heart-pounding satisfying almost two years in the making conclusion while setting up what is coming next and continuing to move the title character forward. This series is truly a delight to flip through, a gorgeous colorful, and powerful superhero story that wears its character-focused heart on its sleeve at all times.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: All I can say is WOW! Tom Taylor has crafted a dynamic, well written narrative that not only changes the landscape of Bludhaven but solidifies a beloved relationship. I was especially impressed by the fight scene. I found that the back and forth between Nightwing and Blockbuster perfectly displayed their personalities, and Nightwing’s final warning to his old enemy was divine. However, my favorite part of the story was the interaction between Dick and Barbara. I’ve always been a fan of the duo, but Taylor’s reedition of this couple has me rooting for their success. Finally, there is the surprising ending that left me speechless. I really appreciated a twist that both perfectly wraps up the current story arc and offers a promising future plotline. I am a big fan of this run and I can’t wait to find out what happens next for Dick Grayson and his extended family.

    The Art: The artwork in this chapter is superb. The action scenes are interesting and completely immersive, and the color scheme adds to the visual appeal. There are also several panels where the illustration so perfectly emphasizes the story’s tone it elicits and emotional response. Redondo and team did an excellent job on this issue. It is easily a collector’s edition.

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    Taylor and Redondo’s Nightwing story so far has led to this very moment in time: the finale of their biggest arc yet. Time and time again, this dynamic duo shows readers they understand street-level superheroes more than any other active creator. Then comes a single issue like Nightwing #96 that cements the duo as all-time greats. In this issue, every single panel means something. Every punch and jump from Dick Grayson goes to further his story. Every story beat does wonder in helping press this story forward. Nightwing #96 isn’t just the most complete single issue you’ll read this week, but it’s one of the best comic books you’ll read this year. Taylor and Redondo have earned their spots as two of the best creators to get their hands on ol’ Dick Grayson – this issue alone cements that idea.

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    But Why Tho?

    Nightwing #96 is summer action movie greatness. I loved every panel, the twists and turns were sublime all the way to the final page, and there was enough humor squeezed between the broken glass and electric arcs to make things amusing. I’m hyped to see what comes next in Bludhaven, from rebuilding to what will befall Nightwing next. This was a phenomenal issue.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    Nightwing remains undefeated in terms of providing the A-list experience for a high-profile solo character. With the threat of Blockbuster and his crew addressed for a moment and clarity on the Dick/Babs front, this next arc offers a lot of exciting potential for an entirely new status quo. And as usual, I can’t wait.

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    Dark Knight News

    Nightwing #96 is perfect. What I’m really enjoying is how every arc since “Leaping Into The Light” can be read by itself, and make perfect sense, yet each one builds on what came before, and is still taking us on an ongoing journey. We get an end to one particular antagonist’s arc in this issue, but someone keeps coming back, a figure who’s been there from the start of this creative team’s tenure, and who seems to be getting closer and closer to receiving their time in the sun.

    “The Battle For Blüdhaven’s Heart” may be over, but I believe that the battle for her life and soul has only just begun.

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    Taylor and Redondo’s Nightwing deserves every ounce of praise it has accumulated since it started. This is as purely fun as superhero comics get. A great creative team taking a beloved character and making the most out of their comic book adventures. And this issue brings everything they’ve built so far to a satisfying climax, as bad guys are put in their place, good guys get to enjoy some solid character moments and future stories are teased with ruthless efficiency. Everything in this issue worked for me, from Dick Grayson delivering both a beating and a speech to Blockbuster, to the fun and charming moment where Barbara Gordon puts him in his place about continuing their relationship. It’s just as cute as the two of them have always been written in this series, and it’s a really nice moment to solidify how great they are together.

    Then there’s the art. Where has Bruno Redondo been all my life? Has he been drawing comics I just haven’t been reading? This man is a superstar! Hand him the keys to the kingdom and let him draw whatever he wants! Stay on Nightwing for eternity. Take over any comic he wants. The detail is perfect, the charm in the characters’ faces is perfect, the action is some of the best ever captured in comics; the man is a dream weaving machine! And he’s got such a great art team behind him. The color in Nightwing is sublime, with Lucas somehow finding the perfect hues and tones to match Redondo’s style.

    Nightwing has been a true masterpiece from beginning to now, and I can only hope this level of quality and fun is going to continue. This is a solidly entertaining storyline finale, with a lot of great moments and even better character work.

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    Get Your Comic On

    In the run up to the 100th issue, Nightwing #96 is a Blockbuster – get it – finale to “The Battle for Bludhaven’s Heart” arc.

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