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Nightwing #95

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Heartless has an extra-giant jar that has Blockbuster’s name on it, but as a man of refined taste, Heartless doesn’t just collect any type of heart…he waits for someone to experience a specific emotion in particular before taking it all away from them and adding it into his collection. Does Nightwing have what it takes to save the life of the very man who’s been trying to take everything away from Dick Grayson, including his life?

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    The plot of this latest Nightwing arc has been brewing since Taylor and Redondo first took over. Here in Nightwing #95, things progress by leaps and bounds with one of the best-paced issues of the entire run. Nightwing’s always best when he’s fighting a battle up hill, and that’s certainly the case here as his hands—and those of some friends—are plenty full with Blockbuster and his cronies. This issue has it all and it’s a perfect reminder of how long it’s been since this character has had a dynamite creative team at the helm.

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    DC Comics News

    The first time I really felt like I wanted to give a 6/5 as a score on a comic occurred when reviewing Injustice 2 Annual #2. Nightwing #95 has so many similar elements, even if it leans more into the fun than the psychological. It should come as no surprise both these issue are by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo. Is there any doubt that Nightwing is DC’s best mainstream superhero title?

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    Lyles Movie Files

    Nightwing’s war with Blockbuster definitely raises the stakes in Bludhaven and a big cliffhanger ensures things will dramatically change for Dick Grayson going forward. It’s Taylor, Redondo, Lucas and Aboott. Don’t miss this one even if it’s your first time checking out this amazing Nightwing run.

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    Dark Knight News

    The Nightwing/Blockbuster dynamic takes a drastic turn this month, one that means their relationship will never be the same again. In fact, it makes the previous issue’s shocking ending feel positively tame by comparison.The next month’s gonna drag!

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: As always, Taylor creates an exciting and well-crafted narrative that highlights both the humanity and community reliance of Nightwing. Throughout the chapter, Nightwing works with both family and friends to fight crime. He also risks his own life to save others in a selfless and humble manner. This style of heroics is what makes Nightwing relatable, and his confident ability to acknowledge his need for others is what sets him apart from the rest of the Bat Family. But it is also a potential nail in the coffin for his entire network. The cliff hanger ending is more than a means to generate enthusiasm. It sets the tone for the story going forward and creates a potential avalanche of consequences for those who choose to fight against villains in multiple areas. I can’t wait to see how this current situation will play out and what lingering affects it will have on this series.

    The Art: This issue features a modern and realistic design style that features bold coloring and detailed drawings. The action sequences are top notch and the attention placed on both character and background provide an emotionally connective and immersive visual experience.

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