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Nightwing #110

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Nightwing, Batgirl and the Titans are doing all they can to save a world overrun by Beasts. Heroes have become threats, and one of the biggests threats now stalks the streets of Bludhaven. Where once there was a Robin, now there is a cat. Can Jon Kent and Nightwing save the city from Damian Wayne? Or will the Super Sons be torn apart forever?

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11 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Dark Knight News

    Nightwing #110 is a wonderful book and a perfect tie-in to Beast World. It stands alone fantastically and doesn’t hurt the ongoing series when it returns after the big event. This is a lovely comic and I look forward to more of the same, please, Mr. Taylor!

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    This might have been a break from the main story, but it’s a really good piece of the Beast World puzzle.

  • 90

    Caped Joel

  • 85


    Overall, Nightwing #110 is a very strong issue while also being a great standalone story. Although there isn’t any development to Nightwing as a whole to prepare for the coming arc, this issue can be read in addition to Titans: Beast World to add emotional weight to the story. While we haven’t seen Damian Wayne appear much in Nightwing yet, this issue does a lot to show how strong their brotherhood is and reinforces the friendship of the “Super Sons”.

  • 80


    Forget rescuing cats from trees, Superman and Nightwing need to rescue a friend turned cat from an underground fight club in ‘Nightwing’ #110. A relatively done in one event tie in presents a mostly fun, albeit cliche, colorful adventure.

  • 80

    Get Your Comic On

    Tying in to the Beast World event does nothing to stop the juggernaut that is DC’s Nightwing. Issue #110 tells a wonderful, smaller scale story from within the Earth-shattering event. Never compromising the core values that Tom Taylor has brought to the titular character.

  • 79

    Comic Watch

    A little more exposition could have helped the overall experience, but readers will still be able to enjoy the issue. Don’t expect anything mind blowing though as this series is beginning to need work in its tone.

  • 70

    A brief crossover with the “Beast World” event provides Nightwing readers with a new supervillain for Dick’s rogues gallery and a heart-warming appearance by Damian Wayne. Perhaps the most impressive element of the issue is how deftly it introduces the concept of “Beast World” (and Apex Ava’s origin) so that it can get on with the story at hand. Once those introductions are complete, it provides a familiar set of circumstances as Dick teams up with Jon Kent. The best moments are reserved for Damian though, as Nightwing #110 leans heavily upon the Dick-Damian dynamic and Damian’s love of animals to provide genuine sentiment. Artist Sami Basri nails expressions for both humor and pathos as Dick’s former ward struggles with his role in events. Even if the final few pages read like an afterschool special explaining basic elements outside of character’s voices, there’s plenty of charm, action, and comedy to make Nightwing #110 an enjoyable detour.

  • 70

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Nightwing #110 is a perfectly serviceable albeit forgettable tie-in to the Beast World crossover. The tie-in has little impact on the Beast World conflict, other than the setting, but Taylor introduces an interesting new villain to give the Titans trouble in the future.

  • 70

    The Batman Universe

    This issue is harmless, with the art team working above and beyond to sell it more than the writing. An extra half-point goes entire to their awesome efforts.

  • 65


    Overall, Nightwing #110 is certainly an entertaining spin-off of the larger event, but lacks verisimilitude. Tom Taylor expects readers to believe that within three days of getting abilities, Ava starts a fight club with elite real estate. Who are these sick Gotham citizens more interested in monetizing a crisis than figuring out how to survive it? Gotham can’t be that dense, right? Additionally, Damian ignoring his injuries until he feels like being in pain is a bit too convenient. Not to mention, PSA they give to ease his mind from his actions as a feral monster is impersonal and dull. Luckily, Sam Basri really does a decent job illustrating this issue, while Taylor manages to insert some character interactions I appreciate and others may too! The question is, when will she show up next?

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