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Nightwing #106

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Based on 19 critic ratings.

Sail the high seas with Nightwing and Batgirl as they journey across the ocean in search of the Hold’s secret society that dates back to when Blüdhaven was founded.

We saw previously in Nightwing #99 that the Hold’s vault held several safes… and here we’ll find out there has always been one left for Nightwing.

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19 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story:
    Tom Taylor just broke my brain with this one. At one point I audibly screamed: “You’re a liar!” As someone who truly believed the Nightwing series should have completely reset with the current run, I am both stunned and excited to see Taylor explore more elements from the Dan Jurgens era. I appreciate how the current team has always taken into consideration previous storylines, but I find this new twist BOLD. Crossing Heartless with Ric Grayson’s past was NOT something I saw coming, but now I am all in on the adventure!

    The B-Story is the first of a three part adventure that focuses on Dick Grayson’s private life with his family. It’s a cute tale featuring a hapless private investigator.

    The Art: Both stories are crafted in a modern comic styling and use bold coloring to capture tone and resonate with readers. The A Story has some interesting actions scenes, and the B Story makes excellent use of character expression and form to emotionally engage the audience.

  • 95

    Geek Dad

    The issue that introduced the Hold was one of the best of Taylor’s earlier run, creating one of the most unique new locations I’ve seen in the DCU in some time. A massive vault in an old pirate ship under a whale skeleton? That’s the kind of thing you only get in comics. With Stephen Byrne taking over on art duties and giving the characters and setting a very unique look, Dick quickly finds out just how many people want the same thing he does. The reveal at the end is pretty predictable, although a clever way to give that character some new life. And points to this issue for one of the best scenes in any comic this year—Haley and a transformed Beast Boy being rambunctious little doggies together.

  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    Taylor, Byrne, Lucas and Abbott find a fun avenue to kick off this Pirate Nightwing and has been the case for years now, this voyage looks to be another memorable and exciting voyage.

  • 95


    Nightwing returns after a two-month hiatus and kicks things off rather well. Both stories successfully deliver a strong narrative that makes for an enjoyable read. Similarly, the issue is beautifully drawn and colored by a great pair of artists and superstar colorist who tackles both stories. Moreover, Nightwing #106 is a can’t-miss issue.

  • 90

    Caped Joel

  • 90


    Blüdhaven’s protector is back on the beat and ready to get to the bottom of a mystery beyond the shores as Nightwing #106 heralds the series’ return. Another issue that is big, bold, colorful, fun, and gorgeous from start to finish. Including a wonderful backup story for those who might be missing the recently completed ‘Batgirls’ series.

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    As a new entry to the series, this issue is fresh and another fun adventure for Nightwing. Fans of the series will be glad to see a change in story to keep the overall pacing fresh. For me personally, pirates can be a fun spin to a character and having a pirate themed side quest for Nightwing is such a cool idea. Be sure to pick up this issue—especially since it releases on the fitting, “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”

  • 85

    Comic Book Revolution

    Nightwing #106 accomplishes many things. It contains the best story angle for the Ric Grayson saga with how it leads into a greater pirate adventure. The bigger storyline involving Heartless and Tony Zucco is progressed. And we get the best Batgirls story in over a year. Combining all that together Nightwing #106 does everything to get fans excited for what comes next.

  • 80

    After a surprisingly long wait, an all-new story arc begins here in Nightwing #106 as Tom Taylor plots a new tale featuring Blüdhaven’s own superhero. Stephen Byrne steps into the role of artist here and fortunately for us all, the artist’s style isn’t too different from that of his predecessor Bruno Redondo. Taylor heads back to the days of Nightwing’s previous creative team with this new arc, bringing characters and lingering plot threads from then and pushing them into the spotlight here. It’s a risk brining much of that stuff back given how stale it ran, but let’s see what this new team can with it.

  • 80


    Nightwing returns after hiatus without skipping a beat. New story seems fun and adventurous, and this issue kicks it off with the usual style and energy.

  • 80

    DC Comics News

    Nightwing #106 is a great start to a new story arc with a balanced approach between plot and character. This issue continues to prove why this comic continues to be one of DC’s best. Hopefully, this will be the start of an uninterrupted run of tales. As Dick says in this issue, “We’ve had a lot going on. But, it’s finally time to ask…What’s in the box?”

  • 80

    Nerd Initiative

    The next chapter in one of Comics’ best series starts off with an excellent starting point. Taylor, Byrne and the team mix in superb writing and fine artwork to give readers a welcome to what is sure to be another hit arc on this fantastic series.

  • 80

    Get Your Comic On

    An intriguing start to the latest arc of Nightwing. Taylor appears to be taking the series in an interesting new direction following previous, more grounded stories. Ever unpredictable, I’m interested to see where this goes next.

  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    I mentioned at the top of this review that if you haven’t been reading this title, at least for the last two years, then you’ve seriously been missing out. Buy this comic, then pick up the Nightwing collections: “Leaping Into The Light“, “Fear State“, “Get Grayson“, and “The Battle For Blüdhaven’s Heart“. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

    People who may not know what a record is, or even have heard one play, will still have probably heard the term “sound like a broken record”. When it comes to reviewing this series, I probably do… and I don’t care. Nightwing is one of the best comics being made today. The creative talent it attracts, the stories it tells, and the artwork it showcases are amongst the best you’ll see anywhere.

  • 78

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    The highlight of Nightwing #106 is the reintroduction of Ric Grayson. Some might say that’s not a good thing. Granted, I would partially agree. However, it was the most interesting aspect of the issue. Otherwise, fans get very little development this week. We know Heartless wants something that appears to be Nightwing’s. And to add more drama, Taylor has set the story in motion so that Nightwing also has no clue what the item is. What’s even more odd is that the events with Ric and the Quartermaster happened two years ago. Dick has been back for quite some time.

    My point is why did it take Nightwing so long to go hunt this item down and how does Heartless magically know about it? It all just seems too perfect to fit and creates this story which almost makes the setup seem a bit rushed. Overall, Nightwing #106 isn’t an awful issue. Plus, it’s hard to regain momentum after stopping dead in our tracks for Knight Terrors. Nevertheless, there simply appears to be very little substance this week as Taylor appears to be reaching for a killer plot thread that just needs more.

  • 73

    Comics From The Multiverse

  • 70


    Nightwing is a decent book. Taylor and Stephen Byrne make a good team that tells filled stories with clean, readable illustrations. The mystery of the Hold and its preternatural atmosphere gives Nightwing a unique witchy, Salem-like tone we haven’t seen very often. The actual group of pirate themed bankers haven’t lived up to the hype, which could be a side effect of the “Worf effect” backfiring. In addition, I think Heartless has a lot to prove as an antagonist as well. Although this pirate adventure is off to a rocky start, I’m looking forward to seeing where things go.

  • 65

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Nightwing #106 wakes up a nine-month-old plot thread to find out what’s in Nightwing’s mysterious safety deposit box, leading to car chases, more unanswered murders by Heartless, and pirates(?). The story is fine, the art’s fine, and at best, you could say Taylor is wrapping up a plot point that should have been wrapped up long ago.

  • 60

    The Batman Universe

    Overall this is a perfectly decent start to a new storyline. Nothing brilliant, but decent enough to feel like we’re back at home with Taylor’s Nightwing. I wish I liked it more than I did, but it’s still okay.

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