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Nightwing #104

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Nightwing and the Titans realize the only way to save Olivia is to… go to hell!

Seeing how ineffective his punching was when he last confronted Neron’s demons, Nightwing is temporarily powered up by magic in order to make it through the depths of hell alive… literally.

Then, in the backup: Nightwing and Jon Kent find an important clue as to who’s behind the circus murders, and that person may be connected to Dick Grayson…

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    In the final chapter of Rise of the Underworld and Night at the Circus, Nightwing #104 hits the mark at each turn. Not only does it manage to tie up loose ends, but it also opens the door for new possibilities while doing the thing this book is inevitably meant to do: inspire readers. Writers Tom Taylor and C.S. Pacat successfully conclude their arcs in their respective halves of the issue while providing a satisfying conclusion to these team-ups. Similarly, artists Travis Moore and Daniel HDR illustrate an enjoyable story.


    Nightwing #104 is a very fun and enjoyable read that wraps up all loose ends. It’s an example of having team-ups in a character’s main series done right that gives everyone the right amount of spotlight. And of course, it has spectacular art from cover to cover. All in all, this is a can’t-miss issue for Nightwing fans!

  • 100

    Lyles Movie Files

    While the Titans have their own title, they’re not evicted just yet. Writer Tom Taylor wraps the storyline featuring the Titans battling to keep Olivia’s soul safe from Neron. To stack the odds in his favor, Neron decides to offer Nightwing fantastic super powers in the hopes of tempting him to give up Olivia in exchange for the powers. This leads to a Taylor specialty — quiet, memorable moments like Flash and Nightwing making a superpowered rescue to help a community and getting a unique view of Earth from Superman.

    Nightwing has never been an all-action, all the time kind of title and the way Taylor makes those character-driven scenes so important it provides extra value when the stakes are highest.

    Whenever Bruno Redondo can’t provide the art, it should be in the contract that Travis Moore is the alternate artist. Moore’s art is such a great fit for Nightwing that there’s no downgrade in terms of the high-quality art. Adriano Lucas’ rich colors truly complement Moore’s style.

    The secondary story, from writer C.S. Pacat and artist Daniel Hor, ends somewhat anticlimactically yet it keeps that same character-focused perspective that still makes for a nice finale to this whodunit at the carnival.

    Nightwing isn’t leaving its perch as one of DC’s top two titles alongside Batman Superman: World’s Finest. There’s some solid new arrivals like Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Superman and Justice Society of America, but Nightwing remains a can’t miss book from DC.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Nightwing is that much more of a hero by the end of the issue than he had been going into it. That can’t be said of every issue of every comic book. It’s just the 104th issue. It’s not some big crossover event. It’s not some epic earth-shaking moment that will have repercussions that are meant to echo across the DC Universe. It’s just one guy, a great deal of power, and a selfless action. Taylor really manages to make it feel like a very, very big moment.

  • 90


    ‘Nightwing’ #104 continues this series’ penchant for delivering heartfelt energetic superhero stories that never forget who the hero is nor his place in the overall DC Universe. A colorful but also heavy/dark romp that closes out a pretty solid story arc, clearing the way for what comes next.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    Tom Taylor has taken this book in a surprising supernatural direction, and that reached its peak last issue when Neron made his final play to capture the soul of Blockbuster’s daughter Olivia—by tempting Nightwing with the prospect of ultimate power. Dick is now essentially a magical superman, and has been given a two-hour “free trial” before it’s taken away. And naturally, he lives up to the challenge, as Taylor’s entire ethos seems to be that Dick is the best of the DCU. His first move is to head to Themyscira to face off against Neron’s minions, but the Titans have it well in hand and dispatch them with ease. So he then goes to talk to the only person who knows what he’s experiencing—Superman.

    The friendship between Dick and Clark has always been a powerful subcurrent in the DCU—after all, it’s Clark who gave Dick his new codename long ago. Taylor has written some fantastic Superman stories over the years, and he gets the character’s motivation and inner voice very well. While the issue is overall rather pure and uplifting, that makes Neron’s machinations and ultimate comeuppance all the more satisfying. Neron is a great, oily villain—one of the slimiest in the DCU, like a pastiche of a politician and a corporate overlord, but he also has an even darker side. This is the first time we’ve seen his true form in a very long time, and seeing Raven be the one to deliver the coup de grace was especially enjoyable. This arc seems to have been brought to a satisfying close, but Taylor has a lot more coming.

    The Pacat-penned backup is just as enjoyable, with Dick and Jon concluding their investigation at the circus. The trapeze accident turned out to be innocent, but the bombs less so—and while the culprit is found quickly, it allows Jon to deliver some great superheroics. The segment is exciting, but the ending where Dick and Jon finally get the chance to enjoy the fair is also a highlight. Jon pulls off something many of us have dreamed of doing to a scheming carny, and Pacat’s first major DC work is wrapping up as a major success.

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    DC Comics News

    Overall, the negatives in Nightwing #104 are minimal at best and the “Rise of the Underworld” story arc concludes with a strong look at Dick Grayson’s character. Initially, while Neron seemed to fit as a villain for the Titans, he doesn’t seem like a proper antagonist for Nightwing. Despite this the finale provides a character driven story that does fit what makes Nightwing tick. The issue also utilizes the deep history between Dick and Clark to add depth to the events.

  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    Nightwing #104 is fantastic. I love superheroes, whether they have powers or not. If the Titans and the Justice League see Nightwing as a leader and role model, who are we to disagree? Once again, anyone who isn’t reading this title is seriously missing out.

  • 90


    Nightwing is a fun comic that celebrates its hero and his whole circle of people, and this issue is a fine example. Taylor comes up with an interesting way to give Nightwing super-powers, and I love how he uses those powers to not only help people, but also connect with his super-powered friends in ways he couldn’t before. That’s a really nice touch, and it leads to a very nice scene with Superman. Part of me wondered if Nightwing would actually do anything with those powers, since they were obviously a trap. But Taylor delivered on both the trap and the character stuff, so it really worked for me.

    It’s a simple but effective exploration of his character, and that’s the heart of this comic. As is how devilishly charming and friendly Dick is, which this issue also shows off. He’s effortless with his friends, and with helping Olivia. It’s so enjoyable that so much is pushed to the side, like a demon invasion. The supporting characters got it well in hand. Nightwing can star. And the art by Travis Moore is just as perfect. Clean lines, great colors, everybody looks awesome and the Nightwing super-costume is an excellent design.

    A lot of fun is had in the playground that is this series.

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    Nightwing #104 is a strong conclusion to the current arc, utilizing its wider arc structure to also tie up loose plot points from across the run. It’s a satisfying conclusion that feels weakest when having to seed the new Titans book but allows Taylor and Moore to showcase their strengths during a quiet conversation between Superman and Nightwing. The issue offers plenty of action alongside those quieter moments of reflection and gives Moore and Lucas a chance to show their range of craft. With that spinoff launched and Olivia safe, hopefully, the book will return to Blüdhaven and recenter Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon for the next story.

  • 80

    After months of stellar work, Tom Taylor and Travis Moore bring their biggest story to a close in an incredibly fitting fashion. Though the results are predictable, the journey is peak Dick Grayson as Taylor flexes his muscles on just how well he understands the character. Though Bruno Redondo’s interior lines are missed on this big of a finale, Moore continues to uphold his predecessor’s dynamic art.

  • 80

    But Why Tho?

    Nightwing #104 is a smooth book despite its demonic deals and dark tone. I feel Taylor has not only captured Nightwing perfectly, but he has nailed the 1980s Teen Titans vibe. About the only time I ever bothered with the team. Strange, now I love them so much, but this book made them pop. Nightwing is once again a leader, a parent, a friend, and now, an even bigger hero in an issue that can hardly contain him. Y’all, let yourselves have some fun and read this one.

  • 75

    Comic Book Revolution

    Nightwing #104 works to highlight Dick Grayson’s new elevated status in Dawn Of DC while wrapping up the remaining aspect of the Blockbuster story with Olivia Desmond’s arc. In the process we get the foundation of the Titans set, with one major character arc established, to get fans further invested in the future for the team. Now its time to see what Nightwing’s solo adventures will be like in the Dawn Of DC.

  • 70

    Multiversity Comics

    “Nightwing” #104 is both a good read and strikingly familiar. It feels like every arc of this series is about what a good guy Dick Grayson is and how being a hero means doing good in the world not just fighting bad guys. That’s been perfectly fine given that it’s been the compliment to a very engaging larger arc and because the idea was steadily built up over the course of two years. In the context of a fun filler arc, it’s easy to feel at least a little tired. On the other hand, Taylor has a great handle on Dick and the Titans’ voices and he still knows how to write a story. In the midst of a great run, an off issue is still a perfectly good read.


    A well-executed retread of themes we’re very familiar with.

  • 60

    The Batman Universe

    While it’s nice that Dick and the Titans are save-the-day heroes, this was just too bland a presentation for the story of Neron tempting Nightwing with superpowers. Ultimately, nothing happened.

  • 55

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Nightwing #104 is a technically complete comic that wraps up the Titans’ fight with Neron over Olivia’s soul. The art is solid, and the plot concludes neatly. However, it’s impossible to find any urgency or dramatic tension in this entire comic, resulting in a lifeless and forgettable read.

  • 40


    Nightwing #104 is a watershed moment for the series as all of its weakness converge on this very issue. I’ve enjoyed much of Tom Taylor’s run on Nightwing, but there comes a moment where the weaknesses you’ve accepted as a reader are no longer tolerable. It’s a book without drama, spectacle, or an ounce of genuine challenge for both readers and the characters within. While the vibrant visuals and cheery attitude make for an easy to read book, I know Taylor’s scripts are capable of so much more.

  • 40

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    Now this story started with a great premise, Jon being trained by Dick to fight physically. It took a left turn into a circus mystery which highlighted the differences of the heroes upbringing. It downshifted into a ‘very special’ tale about parents pushing kids into careers they don’t want. And now it concludes with a simple ending to the circus mystery.

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