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Nightwing #102

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Nightwing is a great leader, not just because Batman trained him, or because of how Alfred raised him, or even because he has a heart of gold-it’s because of his friends, and now that the Titans are in Blüdhaven with him, they can leap into the light together…which is perfect timing for the demon of darkness Neron to do something about it.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    Nightwing and the Titans have to stop Blockbuster’s daughter from being apprehended by The Grinning Man. Taylor is getting a great jump start on his upcoming Titans series and refining his take on the characters. The character interplay is spot on although I still wish Arsenal and Tempest were also part of the mix.

    Artist Travis Moore does a terrific job of making the Grinning Man look seriously creepy. Combined with Moore’s usual incredibly clean and gorgeous artwork it makes for a serious impression. (…) Nightwing remains one of DC’s top three titles and the involvement of the Titans has only enhanced that sense that this has been a very special and memorable run for Dick Grayson fans.

  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    t’s an excellent story that’s evolving nicely, and Pansica, Ferreira, Lucas, and Abbott have really detailed the panels, brightened them, and brought in the fine details. I loved the old-school color dots on the Batman scenes. Little touches like that alter the dynamic and essentially give the reader two stories and aesthetics in one. Ferreira inks with a strong pen, lending some panels a grim tone that fits the mood. This is a great tale, and should Taylor ever leave Nightwing, Pacat would be a welcome new writer for the entire book.

    This issue brings two solid pieces of work with smooth art, even colors, lovely effects, and clean lettering. Taylor is spending some time with the Titans, but fear not, they’ll get their own book in May. For now, we can enjoy Nightwing being a leader taking on a massive foe and enjoy the change of pace. The second story gives us a great look into why Nightwing isn’t just the best student to DC’s greatest heroes but also shows off how he excels as a teacher. Power plays and detective work, all in one shot.

    I sing the praises of this run every month, but I have to. So far, this series has completely flipped the script on a character that has been dumped on for decades, especially since the New 52. Nightwing deserves these kinds of stories and attention.

  • 100

    Dark Knight News

    While every issue of this series delights and surprises, my reviews keep saying the same thing. This title rocks! Nightwing #102 beautifully mixes, the supernatural with the superheroic, and delivers thrills, spills, and laughter with aplomb. Seriously, you need to be adding this book to your pull list and grab every back issue while you’re at it.

  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Dick wakes up in Blüdhaven Morgue. Given how much he’s been through over the decades, it’s not exactly the worst place he’s ever been. That doesn’t mean he has to feel good about it, though. There’s a demon on the loose. He and his Titans will have their hands full in Nightwing #102. Writer Tom Taylor crafts a tight, little intro to a promising story for Dick Grayson and company featuring art by Travis Moore. There’s also a one-shot back-up story by C.S. Pacat that makes a clever play on the traditional Batman/Superman World’s Finest dynamic. The one-shot is drawn by Eduardo Pansica with inks by Julio Ferreira. (…) In a few years, Dick Grayson will have been Nightwing for just as long as he had been Robin. An issue like Nightwing #102 is a satisfying look back at where Grayson has been without taking anything away from where he is now. It’s a very clever balance that moves things forward for him without all of the flashbacks and needless nostalgia that so often accompany this sort of story.

  • 95


    ‘Nightwing’ #102 showcases what made the legacy era of DC Comics such a powerful one and why it’s amazing to see so much of that era returning to the pages of this almost century-old publishing line. Everything about this issue and the storyline and the series as a whole stands a reminder of what can often make so many comic books and superhero stories so good.

  • 90


    Overall, Nightwing #102 is a great issue that keeps the readers’ interest. Both stories develop at a healthy pace while being brought to life by two spectacular artists. For as every bit as spooky as The Grinning Man is, the unknown menace at the circus seems to be every bit as cruel. By the time the issue is over, most readers will be anxiously anticipating the next installment. (…) Nightwing #102 comes out of the gate swinging with suspense as we find Nightwing in a precarious situation. Tom Taylor and Travis Moore bring the best out in each other in a story about trust and teamwork. With The Grinning Man stealing Nightwing’s appearance, it seems like Dick Grayson is going to have a few hurdles before bringing this new eerie villain to justice. In the story’s backup, C.S. Pacat and Eduardo Pansica bring their A-game in a disturbing mystery story all too familiar to Nightwing.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    Tom Taylor continues to deliver with this series, even as the story takes some seriously strange turns. Dick has pulled the Titans into his quest to protect the young Olivia—Blockbuster’s daughter—from the forces of Neron who are determined to drag her down to hell. There’s only one problem—Neron has sent a shape-shifting agent after her, and that demon has taken Nightwing’s form. When we pick up, Nightwing wakes up in the morgue, placed there to suffocate by the shapeshifter. As he tracks down his doppelganger, we’re treated to another version of the “pointing Spider-man” conflict that’s only solved by the most important clue to someone’s identity—dog trivia! (…) The backup, continuing the team-up of Dick and Jon, finds the two legacy heroes investigating an attempted murder at a circus—one that parallels the death of Dick’s parents in some frightening ways. Dick turns this into a teachable moment, guiding Jon through the process of investigating a crime. The team-up is a lot of fun, and the mystery is suspenseful due to the stakes—although the last-page reveal makes us wait for next month to see how the heck this cliffhanger will make any sense.

  • 90

    The Batman Universe

    Overall I’ve very few complaints about this. Sure, I would’ve scripted some of the action differently, but that’s not really in the realm of erring in writing. Solid story.

  • 90


    This issue was just plain fun. The Grinning Man doesn’t pose much of a threat to the Titans, so there’s not much tension. But Taylor and his art team have a lot of fun showing these superheroes handling their business. The writing is really witty, the jokes are nifty, and this issue was just a blast to read. There’s honestly not much more to say beyond that. Nightwing immediately clues in the rest of the team to the Grinning Man’s scheme, and the Titans immediately jump into action to stop him from kidnapping or harming Olivia. There’s some solid, low key superheroics to enjoy, but mostly it’s the jokes and bits that I loved.

    Nightwing is the most feel good comic on the stands. Not every superhero needs to be racked with guilt and drama. A guy like Dick Grayson has done it all and seen it all, and now he gets to enjoy a solid, charming, superhero life. He hangs out with his friends, he’s got a great girlfriend, he can take out villains with ease; Nightwing is a fun comic and this issue is a prime example of why. And then the issue ends with a fun tease into what comes next. Love it. Really fun issue, with the promise of even more fun to come.

  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    In both the Titans and Superman stories we get even better developments that build off the foundation of the first part of each story in the previous issue. While working on separate stories Tom Taylor and C.S. Pacat maintain consistency with how Nightwing is portrayed in both stories. They are brought together by strong artwork from Travis Moore and Eduardo Pansica. It all comes together for a strong comic book in Nightwing #102.

  • 80

    Comic Watch

    Moores art is suited for this arc, thanks to the ability to mold each hero and their powerset, along with the horror-leaning villain. Lucass colors reinforce the best parts of the art while maintaining the tone and look of the overall series while making the best moments pop even more. Fans of the Titans will love this story, but those who fell for the more contained look at Dick and his personal life may find the issue a little shallow.

  • 80

    One of the best things about this already-spectacular superhero comic is that Tom Taylor manages to add a twist or turn exactly where one needs to be placed. The second things start to look stale, this writer shakes things up – y’know, like sending the Titans to Hell. Since the Titans have been in this title, this might be the one issue that focuses on Dick the least. That’s alright, however, as Taylor also has a solid grasp on how to write the other characters. Nightwing #102 bridges the gap between two major story arcs, and things are definitely barreling forward full-steam ahead.

  • 75

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Nightwing #102 was just strange and lacked a sense of seriousness. Additionally, it doesnt feel like a Nightwing comic. Its more of a Titans team book right now. And I feel like a Nightwing comic, especially one stationed in Bludhaven, is supposed to be more raw and edgy. There should be this sense of seriousness that just escapes the narrative this week. Furthermore, for the lack of dialogue, youd expect a ton of action. However, that would also be false. Therefore, Nightwing #102 felt like just a filler issue that attempted to insert a bit of humorous charm into the series that it just didnt really need. As of right now, Id have to say Im not wild about this story arc and cant get behind the point of it other than to put our Titans together before the new series kicks off in May. Something has just been missing from Nightwing lately and I cant quite put my finger on exactly what it is. However, I can tell you after reading Nightwing #102, its still missing.

  • 65

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Nightwing #102 continues the conflict between Neron and the Titans with Olivia’s soul in the balance. The rescue has some energy, and the Titans’ plan to stop Neron has potential, but the issue is bland and lifeless overall. Oddly enough, the backup is a better Nightwing story than the main one.

  • 60


    Nightwing #102 is a slight, yet consistently amusing chapter when the series would be better off turning up the heat. Tom Taylor’s characterization of the Titans is spot on, but the lack of ramping tension in the overarching narrative is catching up to him. Taylor is a great writer and the series’ artists are all top caliber, but there’s a point where merely showing up with the right ingredients and character list isn’t enough.

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