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Nights #3

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Grays journey to find a present for Vince takes a horrifying and violent detour, a mysterious pair of figures confronts Vince with questions about all the bloodshed hes been surrounded by, and why is Freddy Freaker calling Matt?

And where the hell has Ivory been the last few days?!

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  • 95


    With this issue, Nights has officially cemented itself as my favorite book of the year. This weird little hybrid tale packs so much into each issue, but it always maintains what matters most: the heart and wit to make this giant-sized story really work. Kennedy and Formisano are clearly building toward even grander things, and as long as that core remains, it’s going to be something to explore with true gusto. Forget what I said earlier: it’s The Comic about Many Truly Cool and Awesome things.

  • 90


    Packed with moments of youthful charm, romance, and some bloody violence, Nights delivers a great issue that develops more of its fascinating world.

  • 90

    Nights presents a world that is multi-layered, dense, and colorful while also giving the readers characters to match its environment. This supernatural outing from Image Comics has the interesting problem of having so much happening that it’s hard to condense the story into a simply summary, but it Kennedy and Formisano have something special on their hands with this new series. It’s ironic that the cover of this issue is an homage to Studio Ghibli’s works as this almost feels like a series that ilicits the spirit of the legendary animation studio. Nights feels like a dark horse must read for 2023 and it deserves your attention.

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