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Nightcrawlers #3 (of 3)

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Now that we know who she truly is, it’s time to taste the horrific ambitions lurking in the heart of MOTHER RIGHTEOUS… The galaxy burns… The pieces are in place… The Storm System rages… The NIGHTKIN make a last, lethal leap…and the GREAT DEVOURER hungers only for vengeance. The experiment is over. The cosmic laboratory is on fire. At last, the Sinister Galaxy will feel the wrath of one seriously baaaad mother…

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    Comic Watch

    Nightcrawlers #3, the final issue of the Sins of Sinister event, was, by far, the most coherent installation of the Nightcrawlers storyline because the plot was composed by writers with clear vision. Si Spurrier has, unfortunately, spent much time harping on his usual ‘religion is inherently bad’ refrain. Still, this was limited by the fact that he was required to supply the penultimate issue of the event and, therefore, could not determine the plot points himself. Editors for the win. (...) The art was fantastic. Lorenzo Tammetta and Philip Sevy worked together seamlessly to create a dark, virulent world. They brought light to a world where all the light was slowly dying. I particularly enjoyed their depiction of facial expressions, blood magic, and faltering machinery slowly stuttering out. Rain Beredo’s colors were, as usual, absolutely gorgeous. There was a visual richness to this book that compensated when the writing failed. Startlingly effective art and odd asides elevate this final issue head and shoulders above the previous two.
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    Nightcrawlers #3 is worth a read, if only for Mother Righteous’ monologues alone. While it suffers from timeline issues, a confusing data page, and thin characterization, it’s a great setup for Sins of Sinister: Dominion. Once it’s read in context with Dominion, it will probably read a little better, if only because there can be a more adequate and satisfying conclusion.
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    Nightcrawlers wraps up as quickly as it arrived, with little to show for its existence in the Marvel pantheon. Throughout this three-issue micro-series, each issue was told as a story, with plots expanding and resolving in other titles in the same event instead of subsequent issues of the same title. No issue was truly self-contained, and the stories were nothing short of incomplete. If anything this title feels like a series of one-shot teasers for an expansive sci-fi world that has nothing to do with Marvel or mutant lore.

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About the Author: Simon Spurrier

Simon Spurrier (born 2 May 1981) is a British comics writer and novelist, who has previously worked as a cook, a bookseller, and an art director for the BBC.

Getting his start in comics with the British small press, he went on to write his own series for 2000 AD, like Lobster Random, Bec & Kawl, The Simping Detective and Harry Kipling, as well as a number of stories for the flagship character Judge Dredd. In recent years he has broken into the American comic book industry, writing mainly for Marvel Comics. He also wrote Marvel’s X-Force in 2014 and 2015, which starred the characters Cable, Psylocke, Marrow and Fantomex.

He started co-writing Star Wars: Doctor Aphra from Marvel Comics with Kieron Gillen in November 2017 on issues #14-19, taking over with issue #20 in May 2018.

Simon has also written a number of novels, initially on other people’s properties, but in 2006 he signed a two-book contract with Hodder Headline, the first of which was Contract (2007) and the second A Serpent Uncoiled (2011).


Simon Spurrier writes mainly for the British comic 2000 AD but has also written comic-strips for the anthology Warhammer Monthly, as well as contributing written articles, stories and reviews to the Judge Dredd Megazine. He is the creator of Lobster Random (with Carl Critchlow), The Simping Detective (with Frazer Irving), From Grace (also with Irving), Zancudo (a belated follow-up to Ant Wars) with Cam Kennedy and Bec & Kawl (with Steve Roberts).

Spurrier has done a number of work for hire books, writing one 2000 AD themed novel for Black Flame press, and three science fiction novels for the Black Library, as well as an upcoming book for Abaddon Books. In May 2006 he signed a two-book contract with Hodder Headline. The first novel, a “post-pulp” occult-crime-comedy, is titled Contract. A limited edition hardback was released in May 2007, and the mass-market paperback is published on 4 October 2007.

He has created Gutsville with Frazer Irving and Silver Surfer: In Thy Name.

His other projects include more work for Marvel like Ghost Rider Annual #2, the one-shot Wolverine: Dangerous Game, Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch, mini-series with Javier Saltares, Conqueror a newuniversal one-shot, Punisher War Journal Annual #1, and X-Men Legacy vol.2, starring the character Legion. He also wrote a short story for Dark Horse Presents called “In Fetu.”

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