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Night Thrasher #3 (of 4)

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Night Thrasher versus Silhouette!

In the wake of his battle with The O.G., Night Thrasher is caught between the forces of law and order and some of his oldest and closest friends.

Dwayne must find a way to keep Harlem from exploding into violence… even if it costs him everything!

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    Night Thrasher #3 digs deep into its hero’s state of mind, as he gears up for a different kind of fight. With one more issue to go, the creative team has set the stage for a different kind of superhero story – and shown that ’90s icons can be more than a collection of pouches and angst. Or rather, that you can explore that angst in genuinely interesting ways.

  • 80

    Few issues have caused me to completely side against the lead character like Night Thrasher #3, but that’s by design. Dwayne Taylor’s world has been shaken up in a major way since the beginning of the series, but to move forward, Dwayne has to get over several barricades of his own creation. Writer J. Holtham brings us into this crucial fork in the road through Silhouette’s very relatable and genuine anger and frustration, and that can’t help but leap off the page. Yet it’s all wrapped in an impressive layer of empathy and love, which helps keep you invested in Dwayne’s fate and future in a way I didn’t expect, and that’s on top of the already compelling conflict of two forces of nature that threaten to break the neighborhood apart. The moments of conflict and vulnerability are wonderfully brought to life by artist Nelson Daniel and colorist Matt Milla, and with the final showdown gearing up, I can’t wait to see how it all comes to a close.

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