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Night Thrasher #1 (of 4)

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It’s time to thrash the night! The death of a loved one draws Dwayne Taylor back to New York City, though his days as NIGHT THRASHER are long over. But Dwayne finds the past difficult to outrun when SILHOUETTE, his ex-teammate from the NEW WARRIORS, seeks his help against a new criminal called THE O.G. And the mystery of the O.G.’s true identity and what’s to come will change Night Thrasher’s legacy forever! Don’t miss this bold new direction for a cult classic character who is leaving the ’90s behind him!

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  • 90

    Graphic Policy

    Overall, Night Thrasher #1 is a fun issue that will give fans of The New Warriors some nostalgic feels. The story by Holham is action packed. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, a story which is a nice welcome home issue for a hero comic book fans have been clamoring for.
  • 89

    Comic Watch

    As a premiere issue, there is a lot to get readers new and old excited for this series. There is plenty of world building to build a new foundation for this Night Thrasher series. One challenge that readers may face is the references to previous series. However, it’s easy to piece together what’s going on making for a great read.
  • 85


    Night Thrasher #1 isn’t content to just be an ode to a ’90s icon – it’s aiming to be an actual character study. It’s rare that a hero who isn’t in Marvel’s big leagues is afforded this kind of treatment, but it’s a testament to the creative team that Dwayne Taylor’s newest adventure is worth reading. Maybe the rest of the New Warriors could hopefully get the same deal.
  • 80

    First Comics News

    Dwayne Taylor returns after years of sitting on the sidelines and immediately throws him back into vigilante mode while finding the right balance between fighting crime and his work at his foundation (That he quickly shuts down after being back for so long); I enjoy the way that J. Holtham patterns his script to freshen up Night Thrasher as a new street gang shows up to make throw our hero’s life into turmoil while some familiar faces appear for fan service that will take readers back to the 90s. Is it weird that Dwayne’s return moves at a fast pace? Yes, which hurts the pacing but the pleasant moments make pop for it and it looks like things will get more interesting in the following issue.
  • 70

    Graphic Policy

    Night Thrasher #1 isn’t a bad comic but it also doesn’t live up to its potential. A comic focused on gentrification while also exploring the stars of 90s comics to today would be a fascinating read. It dances around those concepts instead relying on reveals that are predictable but also only hit if you’re really into the New Warriors. Overall, the is a comic for Night Thrasher fans that others will likely want to skip.
  • 70

    After years on the sidelines, Dwayne Taylor has returned. Night Thrasher #1 thrusts the eponymous vigilante back into the thick of things, forcing him to balance his foundation and life as a crime-fighter from the leap. Naturally, this makes the primary conflict something brewing internally even though Holtham's script introduces a street-level gang for Night thrasher to hunt down. All in all, the return moves along quickly and there's some delightful moments featuring some familiar faces. The script for this story is so microscopic, it's even a bit too small for Marvel's street-level heroes.
  • 70

    Major Spoilers

    Dwayne Taylor’s return is strong enough that I’m willing to come back next time, despite wondering how a couple of the players in this issue got to the point where they started this issue. The art is moody and dark, the story personal for our hero, and if they can explain why The O.G. isn’t dead anymore, I’ll be 100% on board with the new Thrasher status quo. With Firestar, Nova, and Namorita now back from the dead as well, can a full New Warriors reunion be far behind?
  • 40

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Night Thrasher #1 is a uninspired mess of a book that does more to turn readers off to Night Thrasher than anything else. If you are new to the character, save yourself some time and frustration and seek out the New Wariors or the many cameos Night Thrasher has had in the past.

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