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Night Club #2 (of 6)

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Danny Garcia is a High School student who was bitten by a vampire, but he isn’t going to mope around and be some annoying goth.

He’s going to be a superhero, and he’s bitten his best friends too so they can form a team.

This is going to be great.

Note the $1.99 price! Take THAT, Marvel and DC!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    ‘Night Club’ #2 is a fast-moving, brash and beautiful comic book that honours the laws of vampirism while also revealing in the bright-coloured boldness of superhero comics. The end result is something akin to Romita -era Spider-Man, if he’d been bitten by a radioactive bat in terms of style, substance and script. Vampires have never had so much fun!

  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Night Club shakes up the comic book industry with intensity, freshness and cunning not only by being the cheapest comic on the market (USD $1.99) and with a story that deconstructs the vampire and superhero genres creating the perfect cocktail full of humor and irony in a current context.

  • 100

    First Comics News

    Danny Garcia, the hero of this series, has a new lease on life now that he’s a vampire so it’s only right for him to share his powers with his best friends Sam and Amy and to me, this feels like an entry from the MCU but spearheaded by Mark Millar as he again brings the energy and fun that makes this series stands out. Amy and Sam enjoying their newfound powers felt like such a rush while reading it and I have to say- who knew a superhero series about vampires could be so amazing? This is basically “Ultimate Spider-Man” meets “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” which shows the joy in watching teenage with superpowers learns about their abilities while doing their best to maintain their normal lives….even if they’re vampires.

  • 90

    Lyles Movie Files

    Night Club feels like a welcome shift from the traditional teen superhero title. Even without any villain or major story arc established so far this has been a fun title to get invested in already.

  • 80

    Lotusland Comics

    ‘Night Club’ is evolving nicely with this straightforward issue building the powers and camaraderie of Danny and his friends. It’s a good set-up for when they’re sure to be tasked with some important duties from the vampire that turned Danny. There’s going to be a debt to be paid and these kids may be in over their heads. Millar takes the best of both vampires and superheroes into one satisfying story that is comic book bliss.

  • 76

    Graphic Policy

    This is basically Kick-Ass with vampires from Mark Millar and Juanan Ramirez. The second issue focuses on Danny showing off his new abilities to his friends and giving them to them as well with his sire nowhere in site. It’s definitely leaning into all power, no responsibilities with Danny and his friends recording YouTube videos and beating up bullies. Night Club is definitely derivative of other media/Millar comics, but stylish visuals (You tilt the page when the teens use their powers) and a $1.99 price point make it worth a read for superhero or vampire fans.

  • 70

    Horror DNA

    Like much Millarworld of late, Night Club feels like it was written with one eye on the TV/movie adaptation (Millarworld owners Netflix even get a name-drop in the credits), which does make it feel like a cynical exercise in Content Creation. It’s a slick, quick and fun read, but a surprisingly toothless one.

  • 47

    Major Spoilers

    The shame of Night Club #2 is seeing such talented storytelling saddled with the muted color palette designed to make it clear how the story will look in live-action, but the real shame comes in that fact that much of the script and ALL of the dialogue feels like shorthand, leaving the issue with a disappointed 2.5 out of 5 stars overall. If only this felt like the Mark Millar of old, this story could be the next Wanted or The Walking Dead, but instead, it’s stilted and forgettable.

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