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New Mutants: Lethal Legion #5 (of 5)

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The New Mutants’ plan to take down Count Nefaria has epically failed, and as a result, he’s more powerful than ever! But there’s no time for Escapade and her teammates to lick their wounds – Nefaria and his diabolical Lethal Legion have set their sights on a convention center in Midtown New York to make hundreds of humans the Count’s personal batteries! Will our ragtag team of well-meaning misfits be able to finally complete the perfect heist and stop Nefaria from gaining almost unlimited power? Find out in this final issue!

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Honestly…there are probably at least 2-3 more characters than are actually necessary in the ensemble. There’s a core group that seems to be continuing to work well for the team, and the overall run of the series has been pretty good, but there’s a big pile-up at the end of the series for the big resolution. It just feels cluttered. The best writers on any mutant team book have always managed to direct the flow of traffic. Anders has done a pretty good job, but things just got congested on the way to the series’ climax.

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    New Mutants: Lethal Legion concludes with the same blend of therapy speech and cheesy humor that’s defined the series throughout. There are a few good laughs, with Moonstone owning her Hawkeye fetish being a particular highlight. The compositions often feel crowded and hard to follow, making it hard to understand plot beats, like what the New Mutants did to take Unicorn out of the picture. There’s also what may be the single least impressive use of a data page in the X-Men line thus far, basically replacing what would have a pages comics page of talking heads with a text page of the same dialogue, including humor entirely inappropriate to the tone of the moment, sans artwork, which feels like someone on the creative side throwing up their hands and admitting, “I don’t know how to make this page work.” In the end, Escapade has the foundations of a compelling character that adds some much-needed diversity to the Marvel Universe. However, if she’s ever going to have any staying power, she’ll need better storytelling than what’s on offer in the forgettable and, at times, outright frustrating Lethal Legion miniseries.

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