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New Mutants: Lethal Legion #4 (of 5)

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Escapade, Cerebella and Scout’s plan to perform the ultimate heist and steal from Count Nefaria has not been going as smoothly as they would have liked. In fact, they now have to face the Count and his new nefarious Lethal Legion! Thankfully, Dani, Karma, Galura, Rahne and Morgan join the fray and will bring some order to the madness… hopefully. Maybe trying to rob an ultra-rich super villain who has his own personal league of evil minions was a little ambitious for the young mutants…

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    Comic Watch

    This forth installment gives a drive for readers to continue to want to see Dani, Karma, and Wolfsbane in more titles. This series gives a chance to see Martha Johnson in a very new way, and will have people wondering as to where writers will continue to take her after this story arc. Martha has always been an incredibly intriguing and fun character since her debut, so it is great to see her having more time to shine in a title. It also shows a deep side to Escapade that is intriguing to see.

  • 40

    New Mutants: Lethal Legion #4 is a run-of-the-mill superhero comic book made worse by attempts to reach higher and continually missing. The artwork is simple and cartoon-like, but the shaded colors don’t emphasize its strengths even when the layouts aren’t flat or distorted by an odd sense of perspective. The dialogue is similarly unfocused, jumping between multiple conversations or talking points in, presumably, an attempt to evoke the noisiness of the moment that only serves to addle the reader. There are attempts at humor throughout that feel tired or miss the mark, events without consequences as the team seems worried about the building falling down around them only to emerge from the collapse without a scratch for seemingly no reason. Similarly, while developing character relationships is welcome, the characters engaging in heart-to-hearts on the battlefield undercuts any tension or sense of stakes and only culminates in an entirely unearned sense of camaraderie at the issue’s end. It isn’t a broken comic — it still functions as a straightforward narrative — but it’s poorly executed and aims for more than it can deliver, making for a disappointing and ultimately unfulfilling reading experience.

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