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New Mutants: Lethal Legion #3 (of 5)

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Dani Moonstar, Karma and Galura end up tracking the young New Mutants down at Count Nefaria’s mansion, just to enter a scene of pure mayhem. A throwdown between a depowered Gabby and a murderous Count Nefaria, Cerebella trapped inside the Count’s secret vault of treasures and horrors and a drunk Escapade (she’ll never touch grappa again!) going blow for blow against Skullbuster – looks like the supposed “covert” heist has turned into a circus.

Meanwhile, Wolfsbane and Morgan’s beastly encounter turns into a moment of discovery.

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    New Mutants: Lethal Legion #3 has a clear message that it wants to impart, and that’s commendable. However, the message is almost too clear, as one character verbalizes it point-blank to another in the middle of this issue. It’s easy to hope it reaches those who need to hear it, but it makes almost everything else about the story feel vestigial. With the heist angle now put to rest, the sewer monster tamed, and the scattered characters reunited, the story becomes a straightforward showdown been the New Mutants and Count Nefaria’s new Lethal Legion, slightly weighed down by odd and unnecessary nods to recent continuity that feels shoehorned into the story. The line work and colors do the job in an inoffensive, current Marvel house-style manner making this a fine, if forgettable, read.

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