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New Mutants: Lethal Legion #1 (of 5)

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Best-selling, multiple-award-winning, generally bedazzling writer Charlie Jane Anders launches a fresh take on the beloved team, with rising star Enid Balám behind the illustrious pencils!

The Shadow King. U-Men. Demon Bear. Themselves. The New Mutants have faced some of the most cunning minds in the Marvel Universe – and survived. But when someone starts building a new Lethal Legion, will Krakoa’s youngest class finally be outmatched?

Featuring fan-favorites like Wolfsbane and Karma alongside explosive newcomers like Escapade, this is a series you can’t miss!

Everything leads to the Fall of X – don’t sleep on the start.

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    At a time when Sins of Sinister has taken over much of the X-Men fanbase’s interest, a new miniseries has dropped that could become your favorite X-Men series, period. New Mutants: Lethal Legion kicks off this week with creators Charlie Jane Anders and Enid Balám delivering a different team lineup, the threat of a new Lethal Legion rising up, and the ideal approach to great character writing we’ve come to expect for X-Men comics. (…) New Mutants: Lethal Legion #1 is an insightful delight and a strong start to your new favorite X-Men series. It offers insights into characters, offers a clever take on Krakoa, and supplies plenty of visually appealing art. New Mutants: Lethal Legion is filled with characters that are complex and interesting.

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    Comic Watch

    Opening these pages as someone who loves these characters to pieces and cares for them in a profound connecting way (in the way the best characters connect with our insecurities, our lived experiences and trauma, across experiences and through complex relations to them) is a delight. This is so clearly written by someone who loves what made the first volume of New Mutants so special: discussions around friendship, adolescence, romance, trauma, growing up, and forming bonds with people like you, wrapped up in adventure-filled and absurd storylines, bring a laugh and a smile and tears in the same breath. (…) A heartwarming start to a promising adventure for new and old generations of New Mutants, bringing queerness front and center with adorable and relatable characters.

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    Anders knows how to balance silly fun, high concepts and character-centered stories. It’s made her one of my favorite writers in the last decade. Honestly, I missed her story that closed the previous volume of New Mutants, but I was glad I stepped back in here. Though Escapade is a huge part of the story, Anders’ creation is by no means the only point of view character. She balances each of the characters wonderfully, giving a spotlight both to the fan favorites and the new kids. The concept is interesting enough to grab me (though the story doesn’t get far into it here) but the characters are why I’m interested in coming back. (…) This launch is a lot of fun, and sets the stage for an engaging and entertaining adventure to come.

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    Major Spoilers

    I’m not familiar with the New Mutant team. When I picked this up, I was hoping for a new experience learning about characters I slightly know. In New Mutants: Lethal Legion #1, I wasn’t adequately introduced to the characters. Escapade and Morgan were introduced last year in their Pride title. I know she is transgender and likes to target corrupt organizations, but I don’t know much about her personality. As the characters introduced this plot, I found my interest waning because I wasn’t gripped by the characterization or the book’s conflict.

    On top of that, I found the art simple. The character designs felt unique, but the foreground and background blurred together. This storyline has great potential, but this first issue didn’t work for me.

  • 40

    New Mutants: Lethal Legion picks up where the previous volume of New Mutants left off, with Escapade spending part of her time on Krakoa while bonding with other members of the Lost Club, particularly Cereblla. But more time on Krakoa means less time for Morgan Red, her friend since childhood who remains in New York City and is averse to immigrating to the mutant nation. The issue’s dialog is often pedantic, oscillating between speaking in inspirational memes and baldly verbalizing the themes. The teenage romance of it all is welcome, especially when most modern superhero stories forego such subplots in deference to more bombastic fight scenes. However, the moment is fleeting and lacks chemistry between the characters. More interesting is Morgan’s conversation with Rahne about Krakoa. Morgan criticizes Krakoa’s nationalistic tendencies, but where Morgan sees a country, Rahne sees a community fighting for the few moments of peaceful joy the world will allow them. Each vocalizes different perspectives on Krakoa’s meaning and value that X-Men fans have expressed for years, and each has valid points. It’ll be interesting to see where that conversation goes in future issues.

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