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New Mutants #32

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The U-Men have the new mutants in their clutches!

The U-Men, a fanatical organization of humans hell-bent on becoming the physically superior species by stealing mutants’ power, have captured Escapade and the New Mutants. Now imprisoned on their base, Shela must use her burgeoning yet unpredictable powers to help her new friends escape. But Cerebella has a traumatic history with the U-Men, and it’ll take more than a power swap to free her from that legacy.

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25 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 86

    Comic Watch

    As New Mutants #32 continues the adventure, sets the stage and ups the stakes in classic New Mutants fashion, the pacing might get a little too fast (as we're faced with big consequences and the end of this arc nearby), but the spirit and the heart of these characters continues to be heartwarming and well-developed, as well as the philosophical and mutant politics themes keep being the center of a really interesting arc with a fantastic creative team.
  • 50

    You Don't Read Comics

    New Mutants #32 is pretty basic, all things considered. It suffers from coming so soon after a defining run on the book. All of the creators are good, but they’re just not as good as what came before. This story is average at this point, but there’s room for improvement.
  • 40

    This New Mutants story arc continues to lean on a nonexistent familiarity with Escape and Morgan Red that simply doesn't exist as if we've skipped ahead past the part where we build the characters up straight to where we try to break them down. There's a continued instance that Escapade and Morgan's shift away from identifying as supervillains is significant, but it's built on simply telling us that's important without making it concrete. There's a commendable attempt here to make a new character stick in the Marvel Universe—a challenge, for sure—but there's a sense that this is being rushed which makes it hard to invest.
  • 40

    Comic Book Revolution

    I have no idea who the target audience is for New Mutants #9. This is not a classic all-ages title. Young kids are not going to want to read this. However, this is also not an issue that anyone over the age of 16 would be all that interested in reading.

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