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New Avengers #32

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In one month…time runs out!

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    I commented recently that I wasn’t crazy about Jonathan Hickman’s take on Dr. Strange (everyone has a weak spot), but I love his take on Thor, who’s been showing his true warrior potential in the series (unlike his own title, which has been taken over by an impostor).

    There’s a scene in here that made me laugh out loud with pure delight. You’ll know it when you see it. There are also grim, sad moments, and amazing art by Mike Deodato.

    Great, great comic!

  • 90

    Comics: The Gathering

    New Avengers is coming to a close. I’ll dearly miss this book once it’s done but Hickman is ending the book at the top of its game. Issue #32 provides a true introduction to the threat that is the Beyonders but it doesn’t forget to give us strong character beats for everyone included in the issue. This felt like a penultimate issue as Hickman has begun racing to the finish. This is the payoff we were waiting for and it’s awesome!

  • 90


    Hickman and Deodato have taken the game to a new level as Time Runs Out nears its conclusion, and I’m more excited about Avengers and New Avengers than I think I have ever been (and that’s saying something). This story is massive and New Avengers #32 shows that Hickman and Marvel aren’t playing this safe: huge events occur with primary characters in the Marvel U and if you’ve been enjoying these books, there’s another fantastic chapter in the saga here with New Avengers #32.

  • 86


    After a slow-moving issue #31, New Avengers bounces back with a more exciting follow-up. This chapter has spectacle and drama to spare, and it certainly heightens the sense of danger as the Beyonders begin making their move and Hickman’s endgame draws closer.

  • 80

    Weekly Comic Book Review

    Again, it’s a triumph of tone as the story is raised to epic levels, but a passing failure of plot as most of the characters meet their fate with no real emotional resonance. The story does confirm some details about the Beyonders, and there is a contender for All-Time Great Thor Moments, making this overall an enjoyable reading experience, thanks as well to some noble and momentous artwork.

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