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New Avengers #27

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    Comic Vine

    Things are fast coming to a head in the tale of the Incursions, and this issue contains one of the first major developments on that front in some time. How all the pieces will fit together is still anyone’s guess, but it’s good to see this issue continue down the right track with further plot and character developments. There’s even a bit of wit and humor to lighten the enervating load that the heroes, and readers, must be feeling at this stage making this a great addition to one of the most epic stories in Marvel’s history.

  • 80

    Comics: The Gathering

    New Avengers #27 wasn’t the best issue of Time Runs Out. Some clunky transitions and lack of necessary exposition held the comic back from being amazing. It’s still a great comic and a worth the price of admission but it c could have easily been a 9 if it was cleaned up a little. The battle set-up here is going to be an incredible one and Hickman has me on the edge of my seat waiting for this series’ plot-lines to payoff. If you like complex plots filled with imagination and bewilderment, New Avengers will surely mesmerize you, it’s a special comic.

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    Comic Book Herald

    What’s also of great significance is an informative bit of dialogue found toward the back of the book. Functionally the characters’ pronounced game plan to avert the early death of the multiverse, it is also the first time the reader is privy to anything close to defined parameters regarding how Hickman’s long-running epic will culminate in next summer’s Secret Wars event. As the promotional headers constantly remind, time runs out in “blank” number of months. That being said, with a cast consisting of so many, it seems any one of the limited number of issues left could be the last time readers see their favorite character(s) before “the big game”. Although not overly somber or ominous, the wrap-up really drives the point home that this is a one-way trip for everyone but it shouldn’t be without its element of humor. If anything, the issue’s finale certainly suggests there may be a whole lot more mileage to be had with the overall “game” metaphor. True believers, start manning those tailgates!

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    This issue further blurs the lines between Jonathan Hickman’s two Avengers books, as Hickman picks up the tale of Thor, Hyperion, and friends as they travel to the edge of reality and battle the Black Priests. What they find is unexpected and intriguing. Hickman continues building connections between his many concurrent conflicts. He also writes a great scene involving Thor embracing his new status quo that pays off handsomely on earlier plot threads. The scenes involving Doctor Doom and Molecule Man are a bit disjointed in the larger framework of the issue, but certainly enjoyable. Szymon Kudranski’s art is a little more problematic, though. Kudranski’s style suits the sinister, otherworldly quality of the Black Priests. But when focused on the more human and recognizable characters, his art tends to be stiff and lifeless.

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