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New Avengers #26

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    Comic Vine

    I’m not sure we’ll ever get either an info-dump or an issue (or two) that fully explains how it came to this, but even enough pieces to put together a cohesive puzzle would be sufficient at this point. This book typifies the kind of thing that will almost certainly read better in trade, but this issue is the strongest one in awhile, with an amazing creative team using great characters in extremely interesting ways. It’s good to see that amidst all these grand, giant ideas that people are still what makes this story tick.

  • 90

    Comics: The Gathering

    New Avengers is a very tightly plotted book. A grandiose story that doesn’t forget to give us incredible characters. Tension continues to build while Hickman presents us with one of the most unpredictable stories I’ve ever read. This is a daunting series to tackle but for those who wish to, it’s tremendously rewarding.

  • 85


    The Doom material is another reminder of how great the villain fares under Jonathan Hickman’s hand, both in terms of his personal menace and his oddly endearing relationship with Valeria Richards.

  • 80


    New Avengers #26 slows things down a bit heading into Avengers #38, but gives readers some very important information about what has occurred, and what is on the horizon. We’ve got some solid plot progression and great character work here, and that’s a win.

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    Comic Book Herald

    All of this being said, considering who visits imprisoned Anthony and the overall tone of the issue’s central conversation, it may have served equally well as a chapter of the adjectiveless core Avengers title. As a related aside, this week’s issue of Avengers also functions as a fantastic companion update to the “where are they now” scorecard. It also features a faction of New Avengers, as denoted in the “Cast” page. Slight irony aside, it does suggest that maybe Hickman has too much story for the average twenty-page delivery system to accomodate. It’s not a bad thing by any means but if this persists, one must wonder how pacing will progress as the sprawling epic funnels into a singular event series by Summer 2015.

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