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New Avengers #23

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Based on 7 critic ratings.

We follow the members of the now-broken Illuminati through their last day on Earth.

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comics: The Gathering

    Overall, this issue was an expertly written character study and Hickman even manages to thicken the plot some more by the end of it. The art wasn’t perfect but the writting warrants a perfect score. The payoff to the illuminati’s actions is stunning, shocking, flabbergasting any way you would like to put it. This issue is a example of why you should stick with Hickman’s books when they falter, the payoff is always incredible.

  • 100

    Comic Vine

    I reserve the term “jaw-dropping” for times when a moment was so shocking, my jaw actually drops. So believe me when I tell you: the last three pages of this issue left me cleaning dust out of my beard. What this issue gives us is an intimate look at these geniuses and titans of their world at their most introspective and scared. What it sets up is a storyline that will dwarf even this one.

  • 90

    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    This issue the heroes face the end of the world – each in their own way – and the story takes a surprising turn. It’s a powerful payoff after a long buildup, and it’s going to be very interesting to see where it all goes from here.

  • 80


    What’s with the rapid pace of New Avengers? There have been three issues released in just as many weeks. I know we’re building to some big Avengers crossovers soon, did Marvel want to make sure New Avengers had fallen in line with the status quo? Makes sense, considering the epicocity of the current storyline. And I do mean epic.

  • 80


    New Avengers #23 is a well crafted comic that, with the final pages of the issue, has maintained it’s “must-read” status. There are events occurring within these pages that will reach out into damn near every book in the line, and when a comic is filled with characters and events that affect things on that large of a scope, you can’t help but be excited as a reader. This is a great primer for the Time Runs Out storylines kicking off next month, and I definitely recommend giving this one a shot.

  • 76


    Despite the character-heavy focus in this issue, the thick does plotten quite a bit by the end. Hickman wraps up this issue with a really cool twist that hearkens back to the early days of New Avengers and promises big things to come.

  • 60

    Comic Booked

    New Avengers #23 and Hickman’s entire Avengers saga feels like it carries a real finality to it, which has me dumb-struck considering the perpetual cycle of the rest of the Marvel line. This is the event that Marvel has needed to switch things up a bit. It’s almost a Marvel Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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