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New Avengers #21

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A world must die! But which New Avenger will find the strength to press the button? And what will come in the aftermath?

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  • 100

    Comic Vine

    This is easily the most significant issue since the introduction of Incursion, and Hickman continues to set the bar ever higher both for himself and whoever picks up after he departs the tile. The writing and the visuals work together to tell a story that shows Marvels willingness to stretch superhero titles to their limit, not just in terms of where theyre willing to go, but how theyre willing to get there. This remains one of my favorite sci-fi books that just so happens to star superheroes.

  • 100

    Comics: The Gathering

    Overall this was one of Hickman’s best issues of New Avengers to date. It was emotionally heavy and philosophical. The exploration of heroic values in contrast to the values of kings was a captivating subject, explored through great dialogue. This comic isn’t for everyone but for the target audience it continues to astonish, provoke thought and amaze with every page.

  • 91


    Valerio Schiti and Salvador Larroca handle the artistic aspects of this issue and while both have a style that is befitting of the story, it’s easy to spot when one artist takes over for another. It’s a bit distracting, but because both styles work in it of themselves it’s easy to forgive.

  • 90


    This is gripping stuff. And after several pages of our heroes monologuing or arguing about why they can’t go through with it, Namor picks up the trigger and explains why he can do it in merely a few sentences. Hickman is in the hearts and minds of these characters, and he’s put them in as extreme a position as possible to twist them around. It’s great comics.

  • 80

    Basically, this entire issue was filled with some intense will they/won’t they moments. As I read on, I recall being in suspense practically every step of the way. I may have escaped that feeling temporarily when I was examining the gnarly fates of the Great Society, but for the most part, I found myself hanging on each character-changing moment. Not to say that this story arc hasn’t been interesting, but I feel like issue twenty-one did a really good job at reminding me the things that are so awesome about Hickman’s much darker Avengers title.

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