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New Avengers #17

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Must the New Avengers destroy a perfect world so that the Earth can live?

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    Comic Vine

    Its all coming together and Im finally getting a solid, firm grasp not only on Incursions, but how theyre stopped and exactly at what cost. This is the most interesting issue yet as, for the first time, Hickman appears poised to deliver an actual fight between the two Incursion worlds heroes rather than simply having a doomsday weapon OR having the Incursion World inhabited by pure antagonists like the Mapmakers or Black Priests. This is blurring the already shaky moral ground upon which the Illuminati stands and now, as weve grown to know the denizens of this new Earth, it makes things even more complicated.

  • 83


    Much like Avengers #28, New Avengers #17 is able to move past the series’ recent woes with a much tighter and more gripping script. The focus hasn’t changed from the previous issue, but the way Hickman blends scenes of the latest parallel Earth with those of the Illuminati is far more satisfying.

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    Weekly Comic Book Review

    Topping the issue of is a beautiful cover by Leinil Francis Yu which serves to whet the appetite for his upcoming return to the Avengers book. The way the logo is incorporated into the cover design is absolutely fantastic and very much in keeping with the innovative design work that has been a staple of this books covers since its relaunch under Hickman and company. The issue is worth buying for the cover alone.

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