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New Avengers #14

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The Secret of the Black Swan.

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    Comic Vine

    This book is still the best that thinkin mans superhero readers can get. And no, theres absolutely nothing wrong with reading something deliciously simple to just enjoy, but a book that touches on some higher concepts is definitely a standout and this book does that quite well. Its greatest accomplishment, however, has to be integrating all the characters into it organically and seamlessly. A lot of times when we get writers like this telling stories like this, the characters are just window dressing, but this story without these characters would be monumentally and demonstrably different, and I think that bears mention and praise.

  • 73


    Simone Bianchi remains on board the series, and his art exhibits the same strengths and flaws as before. His distinctive style is great at capturing the otherworldly elements and the grand tone of Hickman’s writing. But his human figures and faces are too distorted and surreal, rarely conveying much in the way of emotion except, ironically, during the armor-clad Doom’s big moment of defiance. That would suggest that Bianchi’s eyes aren’t the problem, but other areas of facial work and body language.

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    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    Despite its relentlessly dark nature, I’ve been really enjoying the New Avengers as written by Jonathan Hickman.

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    New Avengers has been a slow burn since Hickman took over. Like a lot of multi-part comic stories nowadays, it feels like each issue is written with the intent of a trade paperback collection in mind. So, it’s a lot rarer to get the feeling of a complete chapter, much less a complete story, in a single issue. With that being said, it feels like Hickman is taking us through a journey that will be rewarding once the final chapter has been written.

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    Weekly Comic Book Review

    While this arc still continues to be an uneven read, this issue manage to be a bit better than the precedent one thanks to some new ideas and some occasional moments of brilliance from the creative team. Nice, yet not as great as this series was before.

  • 70

    Just like another famous Doctor that we here at enjoy, this good man is about to go to war. Whether his brothers in arms join him will be some intriguing events to follow. Considering what they’ve done to comrades who have thought differently than them in the past such as Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers, I’m so curious to see what they think when Strange returns with his plan. I’m predicting that business is really about to pick up in ‘New Avengers’ and I’ll be right there for the ride!

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