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Nemesis: Reloaded #3 (of 5)

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The secret origin of Nemesis. You DO NOT want to miss this. That is all.

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    And so we get to the point in Nemesis: Reloaded, with this third issue, when we have the gut-wrenching, heart-breaking exposition that reveals the complete shit that Nemesis is, seeing everyone as expendable and simply pawns in his bigger game plan. And, as he did with the first series, writer Mark Millar plays a blinder. This guy is the worst. And then some. Millar twists the knife and while we have been encouraged to somewhat side with Nemesis – simply because of his sheer audacity and brilliance, if nothing else – after reading this issue, it’s hard to continue to do so. (…) Legitimising this black comedy is the frantic and kinetic art of Jorge Jiménez. A man who has made Batman his own in recent years and an artist who is an inspired choice to bring onboard for this soft relaunch. The thinking behind his hiring for this project has not been lost on this reviewer, that’s for sure. Who can read this series, knowing he is a dual opposite of the Dark Knight, without making the connection? More so with Jiménez’s artist flair included.

    Adding a sense of the bombastic and a sense of the Hollywood blockbuster to it all are the brash, bright colours of Giovanni Niro, who brings the heat to some of the more explosive scenes in this issue. At other times, the darker hues sustain the night-time setting suggesting a scenario lit by street lamps and moonlight.

    It’s another action-packed, but darker issue, that perfectly shows Nemesis at his very worst. Which is all the time.

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    Un Cómic Más

    Millar is in control of a speeding train headed for the Instant Cult Comic Station.

    What Jorge achieves in this chapter is possibly his best art to date, full of dynamism, action, intense facial expressions, and conveys so much just by illustrating the characters’ eyes.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Millar crafts a gritty, tension filled nightmare in this issue and I loved every violent, calculated moment of it. The story delivers on action, mystery and a dark humor that makes it compelling. I like seeing the back story of the character and the hints that there are bigger things on the horizon as far as his plan. I love the revenge elements as well and the mystery behind it is something I want to discover.

    The Art: Jimenez delivers beautiful art on every page of the issue. The visuals are brilliant, dynamic and exciting. The art style is perfect for this story and the action is amazing.

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    First Comics News

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    Lyles Movie Files

    The big challenge for this series has been Mark Millar’s difficulty in sustaining suspense and intrigue in a story his lead/main villain is 30 steps ahead of everyone.

    There’s seemingly nothing the new mayor can conceive that Nemesis hasn’t already considered and Nemesis has had zero push back from getting his revenge.

    While Millar established a basis of a motive for Nemesis’ homicidal actions, it’s hard for them not to read incredibly cruel. (…) Nemesis badly needs a challenge at this point as it’s just starting to feel like overkill in every scenario.

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