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Naomi: Season Two #3 (of 6)

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Naomi’s life has fallen into complete chaos over the mysteries that surround her and her origin. Dee is missing and Naomi deeply feels it has to do with her, so she teams up with Justice League legend Cyborg to work the clues left behind in the wake of his disappearance. Meanwhile, special guest star Hawkgirl harbors the secrets of Dee’s dark Thanagarian past that could threaten Naomi’s place in the JL! From the original creators of Naomi comes this all-new DC epic starring the CW’s newest sensation!

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    DC Comics News

    As always with Naomi, you should invest in past issues, and after reading them, hang them on your walls! Campbell’s art is magnificent and poster-worthy at every turn! But her story is for every kid and every parent! Parentsread this book with your kids. It’ll put relationships into a great perspective.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Bendis and Walker do an awesome job of moving Naomi’s story forward both as she evolves as a hero and also how her interpersonal relationships grow and change as well. The story has some great action moments within it, but it shines when it focuses on Naomi and her personal struggles. I liked seeing how she relates to Cyborg and Hawkgirl a lot and it showcases how interesting a character she is.

    The Art: Campbell delivers some beautifully crafted art on every page of the issue. The style is perfect for the character and delivers some dynamic action and wonderful character details.

  • 90

    Naomi does a lot of growing up in this issue, as she learns that two weeks of having superpowers does not suddenly make her qualified to be at the front lines of the escalating multiversal drama surrounding her heritage. It’s a tough pill to swallow, especially as Naomi will likely not have much of a choice but to confront her past in the very near future. This was a great issue of Naomi, one which shows character growth and provides some answers instead of stringing the reader along.

  • 80

    Geek Dad

    The biggest complaint about this book is that its plot is very slow-moving, and this issue bears that outaside from a brief action scene involving Cyborg and Naomi trying to escape a hostile portal, this issue is almost all dialogue. The good news is, it doesn’t need to be great at action to really work.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    Naomi hasn’t advanced much as a character since her debut and as long as Bendis and Walker stick with this methodical pace, it’s not a title worth revisiting.

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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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