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Murder Inc.: Jagger Rose #5

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From the creators of the Eisner Award-winning, bestselling POWERS comes a hard-boiled alternative history where the five organized crime families never gave up power and the entire world reels and reacts to everything they do. Master assassin for the Bonavese crime family Jagger Rose has risen fast through the ranks of her family, but her partner Valentine is being given a message that things are about to change …

For fans of the Murder Inc. series here comes a major major plot twist! Cocreated by Blue Book’s Michael Avon Oeming and award-winning graphic novelist Taki Soma!

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23 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    If you’re already on the United States of Murder Inc. train, this latest issue from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming is what you expect in every regard, which is to say good. I want to spend this review however singing the praises of letterer Carlos Mangual. It takes a special talen to be able to get across the lengthy words from Bendis without disrupting the flow of art from Oeming, and Mangual manages it perfectly. This issue is the penultimate of the series too, so major reveals not only take place, but expansive splash pages occur throughout, and the lettering is always in the right spot. Vast images that push the story visually need the air of that side of the narrative, and Mangual makes it look easy.

  • 80


    This series’ illustrator and colorist are working in near-perfect harmony, beautifully complimenting each other. If only the story itself were stronger, this series would be a must-have for your pull list.

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