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Multiversity: Harley Screws Up The DCU #4 (of 6)

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How can Harley stop herself from screwing up the timeline if her future self has already screwed it all up? First she discovered she totally stopped Superman and the Flash from ever existing, and now she’s finding out that she totally time-traveled right over Wonder Woman’s and Aquaman’s origins too! Harley has to stop Harley, or at least try to put the pieces of the DCU she’s broken back together again. With a time machine and a tough, scary, alternate-universe Harley at her side, maybe-just maybe-she can make things right again.

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    Geek Dad

    Harley’s chaotic trip through time and space continues, as this time she has to prevent the erasure of more DC heroes—and usually winds up making things worse in the process. First up is Wonder Woman, and as soon as she arrives on Themyscira she winds up stepping on the still-clay Wonder Baby, destroying her, and proceeds to anger Hippolyta by referring to Diana as a “poop baby.” Yeah, the humor here isn’t exactly sharp, but Harley’s dalliance in Aquaman’s continuity is even wilder, as she accidentally prevents Arthur’s birth by casually sleeping with his father at the exact wrong time. All the while, Harley is pursued by Starro-possessed goons and advised by her older version. Overall, this comic has a pretty funny central concept, but that’s really all it is—a concept. It says what it is on the cover, and how much you enjoy it will be determined by just how many times you want to see Harley interfere with hero origins.

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    Dark Knight News

    Multiversity: Harley Screws Up The DCU #4 brought me joy. We also get new instances of Harley fixing the origin stories she had poofed out of existence, and get a few pieces of information. I’m sure that the next issue will prove to be a blast, as Harley Quinn’s going back home. Join me there, next time!

  • 60

    This story is just so weird, but things start to catch a little bit more in this issue as we see Harley mess up a bunch of stuff—per the usual—but also we start getting some connections about how Starro’s army is managing to catch on and catch up. While there’s a lot of high concept, not the best execution going on, there’s something fun in how frantic it all is and there is also something to be said for just enjoying a wild and bonkers ride that happens to have some pretty high stakes.

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    I don’t know what else to say that I haven’t said. I guess if you want to understand how a company can completely destroy a character, you can check this book out? I’m pretty convinced at this point that this book was pitched as “Harley Screws the DCU,” and DC just inserted the “Up” into the title to make it safe for release. It seems that Frank Tieri is mostly concerned with making Quinnpool try to hook up with everyone in the DCU.

    …Until next time, when we find out Harley prevented Batman’s parents from being murdered because she was trying to have sex with Joe Chill.

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