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Ms. Marvel: Mutant Menace #3 (of 4)

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Ms. Marvel knew she was going to have to put up with a lot as a mutant but her own mutant friends turning into zombies and trying to eat her is a bridge too far!

And she thought being an Avenger was hard!

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  • 92

    Comic Watch

    The Ms. Marvel Mutant Menace creative team is writing some of the best comics from Marvel in 2024. This issue is the perfect balance of seriousness and fun, which parallels Kamala Khan’s character so well. Anyone who was weary about Ms. Marvel becoming a mutant should rest assured that the character is in more than capable hands.

  • 86

    The Super Powered Fancast

    Vellani and Pirzada craft an entertaining and fun story in this issue. I like the continued interpersonal as well as external conflicts Kamala is dealing with. The story has a wonderful mixture of teenage angst and intense action. I love the suspense in the issue as well and the villain at the heart of this story continues to be a clever foil for Kamala.

    Godlewski delivers beautifully detailed and expressive art that captures the tone of the story and its characters brilliantly.

  • 70

    Kamala‘s world tour continues as the third issue leans far heavier into the mutant side of things thanks to Ms. Marvel‘s unnerving opponents. Vellani and Pirzada continue to not only have an excellent grasp on Kamala‘s character, but the Marvel Universe as a whole and recent events taking place in the comic book continuity. Mutant Menace might be bouncing around Marvel’s most well-known locales, but it feels down to Earth when it needs to in seeing the comic book universe through the eyes of Kamala. Some might have been skeptical originally at the idea of Ms. Marvel becoming a part of the X-universe, but Mutant Menace proves it might have been one of the most refreshing things to do with the character in recent memory.

  • 65

    Geek'd Out

    In Ms. Marvel, we finally see the Inhumans again, after what has been a very long absence since Death of Inhumans. I’m fairly certain none of them have appeared in anything in the five years since, so whatever their role in the story that remains will be very interesting. Aside from that, there’s notable development in Kamala’s relationship with Kareem, but we’ll probably have to wait and see where that leads.

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