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Moon Knight #18

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All that stands between vampiric domination of New York City is Moon Knight and his allies as they take the fight right to the heart of an international conclave of bloodsuckers. The Tutor and the Structure are making a play for the recognition of the Vampire Nations – but the Fist of Khonshu aims to show them all who really owns the night.

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  • 100

    The premise of “Moon Knight vs. Vampires” is one that seems perfect on its surface, and if you’ve been keeping up with the series lately, you know that assumption to be correct. Moon Knight #18 thankfully sticks the landing too, once again showcasing how Moon Knight so wonderfully fits Jed MacKay like a blood-soaked glove. The same can be said of the talented art team of artist Federico Sabbatini, colorist Rachelle Rosenberg, and letterer Cory Petit, who are able to bring a sense of fun to the bloody proceedings while also never sacrificing the welcome edge the character and his supporting cast thrive on. I mean, how many other vampire battles involve history with Gods, sliver-laced nails, and Moony umbrellas? You’re correct, so very few, so don’t miss out on what is one of Marvel’s best books each and every month with just a touch of vampire goodness thrown in. You won’t regret it.

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    Comic Watch

    Moon Knight #18 is a great conclusion to the vampire pyramid scheme story and makes use of its shift in artist to break from the overly action-oriented previous issues. MacKays writing plays up the theatrical nature of Moon Knight and evokes a different aspect of the avatar status of the hero. These elements combined with Sabbatinis ability to render emotional conversations and grandstanding ensure a compelling read before any fighting breaks up. Rosenbergs coloring is a perfect compliment to the styling, subtly shifting its palette to match the emotional core of the issue.

  • 92

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: MacKay brings this arc to a fantastic close with some great moments from Marc as well as his supporting cast. Everything with Soldier was done well and I love the build up to an awesome moment from Moon Knight that solidifies why he is such a complicated and incredibly interesting character.

    The Art: Sabbatini delivers some fantastic art in the issue with great action and thrills during the final reveal. A great looking issue from start to finish.

  • 90

    Un Cómic Más

    Interesting closure of a great and magnificent plot arc.

  • 90


    A smart and fun issue that also gives Hunter’s Moon a chance to work off some of his rage and get back into the field as Moon Knight makes a definitive statement to the vampires about whose city New York is.

  • 80

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Moon Knight #18 brings Moon Knight’s battle against an encroaching vampire organization to a close with great art, great action, and a clever “super weapon. However, the final fight satisfies because the villain gets what’s coming to him, but the fight ends too fast and too easily.

  • 70

    First Comics News

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