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Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #1 (of 5)

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Being a preteen super hero is hard. Doing it when your parents finally know about it is even harder. Good thing Lunella Lafayette (A.K.A. Moon Girl, Inhuman super-genius) has a plan to keep heroing. To provide herself with the perfect alibi, she organizes a roller derby team of other Inhuman kids. It’s just supposed to be an excuse to get out of the apartment with all her super-hero gear in tow, but it turns out to be kind of… fun? But nothing is simple when you’re a super hero, and one of the kids on the team might just be more sinister than they appear.

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    Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 launches this week with an out-of-this-world cliffhanger any kid would hat. As our heroine finds herself inching away from her superhero work, Moon Girl's focus turns to the wild world of roller derby. The only thing that can make her life crazier is an in-disguise ally with a mission of her own and a pair of worried parents who helicopter like none other.
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    Graham Crackers Comics

    In 1978, Jack Kirby gave us yet another unique character in Devil Dinosaur #1. 37 years later, the big red dinosaur took on a new partner in Lunella LaFayette in the adorable and highly well received series Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur. Lunella is (in my opinion) becoming Marvel’s version of Donna Troy. A wonderfully offbeat character who keeps travelling from creative team to creative team who are evolving the character but are also diluting what made the character special in the first place. It is painfully apparent that writer Jordan Ifueko has been given the instructions to bring back the Inhumans into the Marvel Universe using Moon Girl. Alba Glez art style does work for these characters but does seem to lean a little bit to the cute side. Not a bad title just not one that seems to be doing justice to Lunella or her bid red dinosaur.

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