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Monkey Prince #10 (of 12)

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Sound the alarm bells and bow at his feet, because the legendary Monkey King is finally released from the Phantom Zone!

And what timing this is, when the first thing Monkey King senses is that his oldest foe-turned-friend-turned-??? was also just released from his own captivity… Nezha!

But most importantly… does Monkey King sense his own son, Monkey Prince, and does he even know of Monkey Prince’s existence?

Find out here, along with the secret origin of Marcus Sun and why he is the Monkey Prince!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    I must admit I really liked these last two issues so Monkey Prince will probably end up on my pull list. As I said before, this is just what a tie-in issue should do. It definitely was tied into the event. But it also kept the main title plots moving. As a new reader, it made me curious to read more. Perfect marketing!

    Add a solid Supergirl appearance where she shines and I am an entertained reader.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    It’s impressive how this title manages to emphasize the stakes while still packing it with a lot of Monkey Prince’s trademark humor. The end of the issue dovetails into the main Lazarus Planet event, but I’m hoping the last two issues will focus on Marcus’ solo adventures—there are still a lot of subplots to tie up!

  • 90

    While the first issue of the Lazarus Planet event did not wow me for how random it seemed, Monkey Prince #10 somehow manages to be both a solid tie-in issue — that actually explains a good bit of things — while also furthers the actual title’s story in an interesting and meaningful way that doesn’t sacrifice the story for the event. The issue sees stuff go awry with the whole Lazarus Rain of it all, but it’s the developments in Marcus’ life that really resonate here. He finds out a major things about his grandfather and it’s a wild development that is going to up the stakes for him as we round into the series final issues. There’s a lot here that’s done well — excellent pacing, good distribution of plot between the event and the main series, and even the art pops off very well. This is a solid one.

  • 84

    Comic Watch

    Monkey Prince #10 continues the stellar world building of Gene Luen Yang and Bernard Chang while also serving as a very satisfying tie-in to the Lazarus Planet event.

  • 84

    Multiversity Comics

    “Monkey Prince” has been a fun ride from the first issue, and this one ties it in with the events of “Lazarus Planet” without missing a beat or compromising the story.

  • 80

    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

    Another well rendered issue by all members of the art team from amazing pencils to vibrant colors and more. The story itself may be a bit jarring for new readers, but over a few pages how the Monkey Prince’s powers work, and his supporting cast, are illuminated. The Lazarus Planet story beats are intruguing and action packed, but there is no Nezha in this issue despite the cover. Nor his son present the King Fire Bull, an antagonist who first debuted in this Monkey Prince series and is now the big villain behind the Lazarus Planet event. An entertaining read.

  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 70

    First Comics News

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