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Miles Morales: Spider-Man #8

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SPIDER-MAN, A.K.A. MILES MORALES, has a target on his spider-symbol’d back. The most dangerous super-villains in NYC keep coming at him – hard. First RABBLE, then CLETUS KASADY and now…THE HOBGOBLIN is back and more dangerous than ever, and he’s got his glider aimed squarely at Miles! How could this get any worse for Spidey? Well…Hobgoblin might not be the ONLY thing Miles needs to worry about…

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    First Comics News

    The Hobgoblin has always been one of my favorite Spider-Man villains so this new arc, which is basically a reset in the aftermath of “Carnage Rising” finds Miles in the crosshairs of the glider-riding villain and I would like to add that MM: SM artist Federico Vincenti really injects a sense of mania and rage that hasn’t been seen since the days of John Romita J. and Ron Frenz in the 1980s. The action sequences are dynamic and MIles’ interactions/partnership with Sterling feels like Peter Parker’s time hanging out with The Black Cat but Cody Ziglar outshines himself in making that factor fresh for the audience. Even though Hobgoblin makes his presence felt, it looks like Miles has a new mystery on his hands (Even with his Spider-Sense acting up) that looks to be resolved piece by piece as this arc goes on but the fanboy in you will scream with delight with just this bit right here- Spider-Man vs The Hobgoblin!…need I say more?!

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    A few blasts from the past seem set on making the already tough life of one Miles Morales even tougher as Miles Morales: Spider-Man kicks off a new arc. Everything about this series is dynamic, well-crafted, relatable, character-driven, and just really good comics. Miles’ fans have been wanting something like this for the character and it’s finally here as a monthly treat.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Ziglar creates a beautifully balanced story that not only has great action within it, but also great character development for Miles. I like seeing Tiana as a grounding influence for him and all of the moments with his friends are great and show that he can have a semblance of a life outside of being a hero. The Hobgoblin reveal is great and teases an interesting mystery as to who this one really is. I really enjoyed this issue on multiple levels and can’t wait for what’s next.

    The Art: Vicentini does some excellent work with the imagery and visuals throughout this issue. From the bright and vibrant crowd scenes with Miles and his friends to the blistering action scenes in the Beyond warehouse, the whole issue has some fantastic art throughout it.

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    Comic Watch

    Miles Morales: Spider-Man #8 is a nice change of pace for the title, giving more room to Miles’ life outside of Spider-Man after two arcs back to back arcs of blistering intensity. It’s nice to see Hobgoblin finding a place where he can be interesting again, as well as Ziglar’s voice for the villain. Overall, Miles continues to soar as the top Spider-Man book.

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    But Why Tho?

    Miles Morales: Spider-Man #8 has a great balance of superheroes and humans. It shows what happens when the fighting slows down and the fires are put out. There are lasting consequences for the things that happen to Miles Morales, they don’t just get forgotten about in the next issue. If he nearly dies, that matters. The comic has the ability to be quiet and loud, with the fight against Hobgoblin moving a thousand times quicker than the start to the issue

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    If a new series is going to have to pause so soon for a crossover, I really hope more of it is like this. It’s fun, scary and gets into the head of its lead.

  • 60

    Miles Morales: Spider-Man prepares to reset its story in the wake of “Carnage Reigns” as Miles now struggles to handle his near-death experience and the recent destruction of his family’s home. The issue steps back from these massive conflicts to provide Miles’ with a brief moment of respite that, while not terribly engaging, reminds readers of the stakes in his life, before introducing a new villain to the series. Hobgoblin’s appearance is always welcome and artist Federico Vicentini imbues the iconic design with madness and fury that hint at underlying mysteries. The villain delivers some excellent action beats and provides an imposing posture in nearly every panel. Yet it’s clear throughout the issue that a new mystery is awaiting Miles and that mystery isn’t quite framed within this issue, instead preferring to offer hints that something will be revealed next month. It makes for a solid reset, but readers will be ready to arrive at the new story before the cliffhanger refuses to deliver it.

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