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Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6

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No matter what MILES MORALES throws at CLETUS KASADY, the Extrembiote-powered monstrosity just keeps coming. And Cletus is only getting stronger. But how? Spider-Man needs help. A distraction, a second to breathe. Anything, or anyone, to give him a chance – any chance – at slowing Cletus down. But Miles can’t rest. Help isn’t coming. He’s the only thing standing between New York City and maximum carnage… and if the heroes aren’t answering Miles’ calls… who’s left on Spidey’s speed dial?

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22 pages
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  • 100

    Who knew Miles Morales and Scorpion would make for such an entertaining pairing? After fighting each other in the first issue, they wind up unlikely partners in the second chapter of “Carnage Reigns.” There are some interesting surprises in store as far as guest-stars to help Miles and Scorpion deal with Cletus Kasady, and I can’t wait to see their interactions going forward.

  • 100

    First Comics News

    Part two of “Carnage Reigns” finds Miles and The Scorpion squaring off against each other to work together to survive the latest onslaught brought on by Carnage and yes, the chemistry that these two possess is entertaining (Think “Tango & Cash” but if it was set in the Marvel Universe) and makes for a great installment to the latest Carnage event and but even if you haven’t read part one of Carnage Reigns, this issue of MM: SM is still enjoyable in its own way so I would recommend this issue just for the high-octane action that is on display and yes, I’m always up for seeing Miles interact with the classic Spid/er-Man villains.

  • 95

    Comic Watch

    Not even a crossover can grind Cody Ziglar and Frederico Vicentini to halt. Because the book is allowed to remain a smaller story with true weight for our characters and not a tie-in/variant farm, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6 works as both the next chapter in Miles’ story and a story with the effort of an event.

  • 90


    ‘Miles Morales: Spider-Man’ continues the title character’s battle against the deadly symbiote Carnage, putting the young Spider-Man in a very precarious situation. This highly emotional, energetic, visually stunning series is exactly what many fans of Miles Morales have been asking for. A must-read for anyone that likes Miles, Spider-Man, and just great comic books.

  • 85

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Ziglar delivers a tense, action packed story in this issue. Teaming Miles with Scorpion was an interesting choice and the reveals in the issue make it more interesting. Even without Carnage as a focal point, this was a fun Spider-Man story filled with everything that makes the character interesting and engaging to readers.

    The Art: Vicentini delivers some impressive art throughout the issue. The visuals are fun and filled with great energy.

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