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Miles Morales: Spider-Man #3

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For years, she’s schemed in the shadows… now RABBLE is finally ready to unleash an assault on everything and everyone MILES MORALES loves – but why does she hate SPIDER-MAN so dang much?!

What secrets from Spidey’s past still stand to be revealed?

To survive her, first Spidey’ll need to survive the SCORPION.

Miles. Can’t. Save. Everyone.

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    Things get very personal as ‘Miles Morales: Spider-Man’ #3 brings the title character face to face with his brand new foe who has a pretty big beef to settle with him. Truly this is one of the best Miles Morales stories around, celebrating and understanding the character and his world in powerful ways. Miles Morales fans are eating well.
  • 100

    I love that we got Rabble's backstory and origin, and that she's not some pre-existing character looking to get revenge on Miles Morales. Their stories link in a reasonable way and her motivations are understandable—which makes her relatable—but she's still firmly taking things too far. Plus she's blaming Miles for something he had no control over. The art was superb, Misty Knight makes for an excellent mentor, and I'm looking forward to seeing more from their team up.
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    But Why Tho?

    Miles Morales: Spider-Man #3 is a book filled with frantic energy. A fabulous story is unfolding as the comic opens up and gets deeper into the plot. The speed at which it moves is extremely fun. All the teenage characters have personalities that show what is common in people when they reach that strange crest of life, one where it is impossible to have it all figured out.
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    First Comics News

    Miles finally comes face-to-face with the villain who’s about to make his life a living nightmare, she’s known as “The Rabble” and we get to see her origin unfold in the first few pages before jumping back into Miles and Misty Knight’s battle with The Scorpion (Which is sandwiched between The Rabble’s origin and her meeting up with Miles); Even though the readers don’t get the full scope of her intentions, it gives the readers the chance to take in this appearance of the Rabble before heading into the next issue. Cody Ziglar still manages to bring the exhilaration to this title that makes it such a standout due to the drama being ramped up that it truly feels like a Spider-Man story and I definitely would like to see Miles team up with Misty Knight again because the dynamics between these two is just perfect. While the plot moves with an abundance of energy and Miles portrays the Spider-Man we all know and love under the guidance of Ziglar, I think it’s about time for anyone to track down this title and be amazed by the excellence.
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    Miles' latest villain gets a splashy introduction.
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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Everything in this arc has been interesting and has kept me curious about who this new villain is and what her animosity against Miles stems from. Now that it has finally been revealed, disappointing is the nicest thing I can say about it. The motivations of this character are so cringeworthy that everything else that happens in the story with her is just laughably bad. I was hyped for this reveal and its execution was really bad. Even the villain’s monologue at the end of the issue gave me a headache. The Art: Vicentini delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. The visuals are fun, thrilling and engaging. I wish the story was half as good as the art was.

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