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Miguel O'Hara - Spider-Man: 2099 #3 (of 5)

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Cursed by blood – WEREWOLF BY 2099! SPIDER-MAN must take on the WEREWOLF in a no-holds-barred battle! An over-the-top MONSTER MASH for the 100th LEGACY ISSUE!

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    The Fandom Post

    While not a huge favorite I’ve always enjoyed the character fo Werewolf by Night and seeing this iteration of it was certainly fun. It’s a familiar structure and framing for the story itself and it delivers well enough on what it needs to so that it’s cohesive within the larger framework of the series and period and gives Miguel a chance to show off another side of his character. The script and dialogue all flow pretty well and keep things moving without feeling like it’s too light and quippy. The artwork is pretty solid through and through and I like the designs we get for our semi-villain and the Atlanteans as well. It’s a good quick hit of this time and place with some fun characters that doesn’t over commit to anything in particular.

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    Our introduction to Werewolf by Night 2099 is pretty straightforward. Creighton Russoff inherited his family’s werewolf curse and has it triggered during a traumatic event. An evil corporation uses Werewolf by Night as its own attack dog, but Spidey 2099 sees enough in Werewolf by Night to open his eyes to the lies he’s been fed. There’s definitely setup for Werewolf by Night to show up again down the line in future 2099 stories.

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