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Midnight Suns #4 (of 5)

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The apocalypse is finally here, and Zoe Laveau’s at the center of it all.

Agatha Harkness will sacrifice everything, including herself, to stop it. What does Zoe dare risk? There’s a terrible secret at the heart of Zoe’s vision, a secret that threatens to change the Marvel Universe forever.

Meanwhile, the Midnight Suns race across all of time and space to get back in this fight… with a little help from the mysterious new powers granted by their magic-forged extradimensional armor! But if they return, who will be friend and who will be foe?!

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22 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 80

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Midnight Suns #4 is a solid, supernatural thriller with good pacing, good dialog, excellent art, and a twist ending that promises big things for the finale.
  • 63

    Major Spoilers

    Midnight Suns #4 spent a lot of time setting up that final issue which promises to be interesting. However, this comic doesn’t stand well on its own out of the context of the whole story. The writing is okay, and the art is good, but this particular issue would read better as part of a trade paperback.
  • 60

    The true villain at the center of Midnight Suns finally reveals itself in issue #4, but this revelation doesn't make the story that much more compelling. While Midnight Suns continues to have enjoyable action set pieces with each new installment, its storytelling has started to feel a bit disjointed and hasn't built at a steady pace. Even with these qualms, I'm still looking forward to seeing how this series wraps up with its forthcoming final issue.

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