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Midlife (Or How To Hero At Fifty) #3

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Armed with a new costume (and ice packs for his achy knees and back), brand-new hero Ruben Kwan starts using his powers for good and gets the attention of a mysterious pair of operatives in the process: the Maroon Suits, who have their own designs for his future.

On the home front, Ruben must decide whether to tell his pregnant wife Annie about this new double life that, for the first time, has him feeling like he is living up to his fathers legacy.

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Nerd Initiative

    Marty: Midlife #3 is a testament to the creative team’s ability to weave a compelling narrative while delivering visually stunning artwork. The infusion of humor, the breaking of superhero norms, and the introduction of intriguing characters contribute to the overall richness of the story. The meticulous attention to details, from speech bubble colors to onomatopoeia, elevates the reading experience. The ending splash page serves as a powerful visual climax, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next chapter of Ruben Kwan’s journey.

    Ken: “With great power comes new responsibilities” as Ruben Kwan deals with his first arch nemesis’s in another must-read issue. Buccellato does a magnificent job with the writing balancing the superhero dangers with Ruben’s true strength: his family and friends. Simeone and Otsmane-Elhaou construct an explosive test for the new hero that proves his path will not be one without complications. The series is kicking into high gear now so don’t miss out on picking this series up at the LCS!

  • 80


    Here’s a refreshing story: A middle-aged man from a normal family discovers he has superpowers and wants to use them to help out the world. The only existential pain he’s feeling is in his knees! While illustrations work well with the story, the colors are a little too close to each other, which can cause some confusion when trying to decipher some panels.

  • 80


    Midlife (or How to Hero at Fifty!) Issue Three answers some questions: How long can Ruben keep up the heroing without getting caught? How long can he avoid telling his wife about his powers? And perhaps most importantly: Can he power-stunt some more powers as well?

    Hot to read this issue? I’m already ready for next month. And my own powers. Yep. Ready.

  • 50

    Midlife continues to struggle to find a voice that differentiates itself from other “super heroes emerging in a world without super heroes” stories that we’ve seen emerge in the comic book world. Ruben’s story has some interesting enough moments, but there simply doesn’t appear to be much that can really bring readers into this world. Buccellato and Simeone have a solid enough premise, with the art especially working well at the kinetic energy seen in the story, but something is missing from Midlife that could make it a standout in the comic world. Midlife tends to stumble in its story, and it’s a shame that the tale following Ruben’s superhero career isn’t as hot as the fires he is attempting to put out.

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